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    Codepred Spółka Cywilna 5 deals
    Wordpress site
    300.00 PLN
    Company website according to the description at the bottom Homepage Welcome to our website! We are located in XYZ shopping mall. We offer a wide range of currency exchange services, purchase of coins and sale of gold and silver bullion coins. Our outlet is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Logo and Colors: At the top of the page is our logo. The site is designed in colors consistent with the logo, creating a consistent and professional look. Currencies: We have about 80-90 different currencies available for exchange. To check the current exchange rate, please call us. By clicking on a currency, you will see "Call to find out the current rate". Available currencies: Column 1: All available currencies (80-90) Column 2: Withdrawn currencies (about 10) Column 3: Coin redemption (about 5) Column 4: Gold and silver bullion coins (about 8) For each currency, the table shows its symbol, name and available denominations, which when clicked will show images of banknotes or coins. and more
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    kontakt.invol 1 deal
    Setting up Cloudflare
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a specialist to solve the problem of ForiGuard firewall blocking sites. It works properly everywhere except for computers on the company network. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - like sometimes it doesn't pull SSL.
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    Hello, We are looking for a contractor for a website in WP technology or equivalent, if interested I will send for a quote a prototype made in Figma tool.
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    Refresh the site merging the content of these two domains into 1 , new photos, changing the content - preparing the site for a business card on google and doing paid campaigns aimed at attracting customers on - line for remote service and advertising the office in the local market with stationary service.
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    Page refresh
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, Looking for support in refreshing the site and "translating" it to ElementorPro. The site currently on Wordpress theme We want to refresh its look and adapt one of the layouts from The7. Currently the site looks like this: Important: There will be no store and course platform on the site - we already have another solution for that.
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    Kamila Chmurzyńska
    Website modernization
    5000.00 PLN
    Hello, we have a website from a template, I would like to create a website similar to our other one located at, please ask for a quote Invoice necessary
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    Making a Wordpress Module
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a Wordpress module - weight/volume calculator for varnishes
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    I will commission a site to be made, Marketing Agency. Ideally, the person should know what the competitors' sites look like. - Modern touches on the site - Minimalist design - Accents that relate to the inflatables and color scheme of FB/IG - Connection to FB/IG + Blog option The site should have: Home + Contact + Description of services + Blog + optional mini store. Currently the site looks like this: We would like to keep up with the competition.
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    markus 1 deal
    Making a landing page
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a simple landing page for a manufacturing and service company (preferably WordPress). The graphics can be from a template. The page is a simple form consisting of fields such as: - first name, last name, company name, - email address, - phone number, - a field for description, - a field for uploading files. Optionally, please specify the amount for the implementation of consent mode v2 Necessary mobile version. The site typically under Google Ads, but in about 2-3 months will start positioning therefore request that the offer take into account all current guidelines related to SEO. Therefore, it would be important to have an additional tab where blog posts will be added. Approximate lead time from the selection of the bidder, 10-14 days would be good. Comprehensive order with upload to hosting. Graphics and logo will be provided. Content on our side.
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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to create a professional website to promote my personal brand - I am an established authority in a specific niche, I have a community of up to 20,000 people. Briefly about the project. Optimize men's health, support athletes, educate on hormone therapies and supplementation, counteract the negative effects of inappropriate use of medications and erroneous medical advice. Consultation on Google Meet and subscription-based customer guidance based on continuous contact (Gmail and external chat). Required functionalities: 1) Built-in comprehensive questionnaire with automatic integration with Google Sheets. 2) Simple calculators 3) Calendar with payment plug-in 4) Subscription payment system with reminders/automatic charging 5) Section for integration of social media content (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) 6) Implementation of a voice guide (recording provided by a professional speaker) 7) Security gateway with rules and regulations before arranging consultations
Jarosław Kozak -
Jarosław Kozak -
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Job description

Hello, I have a website on wordpress. There is no store there. There is only the content itself. I have created a few tabs with content that I would like to make available (for a specific time period of 1, 3 or 6 months) upon payment. Simply put, when someone enters a given tab he should see a message that access to that part of the site is paid for, along with some sort of simple payment module. Preferably through Przelewy24 or another gateway that supports Polish banks.

The idea is that after a certain period of time also this access will be automatically disabled, depending on the access time selected by the user.

Another issue - updates. I want this to be a solution to which there will be updates later if necessary. I already had to deal with one plugin fastmicropay and this would be the ideal solution, but it is no longer developed and updated by which a situation may happen that I have, for example, 100 paid subscribers, and the plugin goes away. This is what I would like to avoid.

Required features

payment service possibility to choose for 1, 3 or 6 months of access to the service automatic withdrawal of access after this time has passed

Preferable solution

Wordpress plugins or a proprietary solution

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