graphic design of a billboard for the company Topglass Jasioski

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Job description

The assignment is to create an attractive graphic design of a billboard for Topglass Jasioski, a leading company in the glass industry. The goal of the competition is to design a billboard that will effectively attract the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians.

Project details:

Dimensions of the billboard: 600cm x 300cm

Resolution: 30-100dpi (no more)

Color mode: CMYK

Design guidelines:

- The design should clearly display the company name and contact information, including website address and phone number.

- Create short, memorable slogans that convey the value of the services offered.

- The billboard should include attractive graphics or photos that will increase brand recognition and engage the target audience.

- Optimize the design so that the message is easily understood, taking into account the limited time viewers have to assimilate the information.

Company Information:

Company Name: Topglass Jasioski

Web Address :

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