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    CultivateAds 2 deals
    Good day, I have a modification of the extension Yith Ajax Product Filter Premium to perform namely: - At this moment the link after selecting the filter looks like this: ?yith_wcan=1&filter_mark=armani&query_type_mark=or - We would like it to look as follows: ?filter_mark=armani I invite you to start cooperation. Greetings.
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    Wn Invest Group 100 deals
    I am looking for someone to integrate with the marketplaces mentioned in the title. I have a web store on Prestashop (latest version) + Baselinker. I am interested in long-term cooperation.
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    Good day. I would like to export products from Comarch ERP Classics to a file, e.g. CSV so that I can freely move with the warehouse to another program. I am interested in contractors who have had or are dealing with COMARCH.
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    I need a small app that will authorize in KSEF and download the FV list after the API. Stack: asp.net WEBFORMS VB.NET A simple application for someone who has already figured out the topics related to authorization and communication with KSEF after API.
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    Dominik 8 deals
    Ads program
    Proposed by freelancer
    Description in the program in the appendix
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    I will commission the modification of a test application using the HidSharp library (https://github.com/IntergatedCircuits/HidSharp) that takes data from the UPS and sends commands to it via USB. Test application: https://github.com/saper-2/hidups-comm-test The application uses the communication protocol described on the aforementioned site (https://networkupstools.org/protocols/voltronic-qs.html#V-protocol-queries). The UPS that I have has a similar communication protocol - the specification is available after selecting the principal. The application currently indicates an error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: 'Index went beyond the boundaries of the array.' in line 346 outRepBuff[0] = 0x00;
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    Mikołaj Ziomek
    Hello, I am looking for a programmer who is able to create a simple bot that will automate the process of sending inquiries to customers (via a form) on a real estate classifieds site. More details directly in a private message.
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    DW 4 deals
    Good day, I will commission a program that will check the price of an item/items based on the OE part number. Scheme of operation: After entering the part number, the program checks prices on Allegro, eBay (based on the set parameters) and the supplier. For Allegro and eBay, it shows the 3 lowest prices, the average of all prices and the number of results found. Best regards
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    TomaszM 2 deals
    Salesforce-based email automation
    Proposed by freelancer
    General objectives: The goal is to automate Salesforce-based email messaging. Messages should be sent to leads in Salesforce who have New and Contacted statuses. Sending from the first message and then by follow-up after 3, 5, 10 and 21 business days, or until a response is received from the prospect. Message language: Messages should be sent in the language appropriate to the person (we can assume that if the person has a Polish name then we write in Polish, otherwise - in English. Personal forms: Messages should have the correct personal form. Attention should be paid to any variations (Ms./Mrs., etc.). Parameters: Variable parameters appear in messages, such as: company names, technologies, job names. Parameters are variable for each company, but we can refer to the same parameters for each prospect from a given company. ... and more
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    Python application
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello cordially, I would like to commission a program (window application) in Python (using simple blibliotek wxPyton + numpy + matplotlib + paramiko to connect to a remote server. The program would be tasked with opening files (locally on a Windows computer) .dat or .msg (text files), searching the file for relevant keywords and extracting numerical data based on that. From this data then you need to make simple graphs. The second part of this application would be a window to connect to a remote server via scp and perform the same operations but know the remote computer (Linux). Please contact me with people who will undertake this task.
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Join Our Team: Fullstack Developer Role Awaits

Seeking an adept Fullstack Developer for a dynamic freelance role. Are you a tech aficionado with a knack for sculpting top-notch solutions? Dive into an opportunity made just for you!

Your Skills and Expertise:

Backend Brilliance: Proficiency in Python, FastAPI/Django, and Pandas. Proven experience in crafting microservices and RESTful APIs.

Database Mastery: Strong skills in Postgres and adeptness in handling intricate relational databases.

Frontend Excellence: Profound knowledge in Angular, NX, Ngrx, Rxjs, and micro frontends. Fluent in TypeScript and JavaScript for crafting captivating user interfaces.

Infrastructure Prowess: Solid grounding in AWS services like Lambda, RDS, S3, API Gateway, and Cognito.

Your Contribution:

Converge ideas and technology to design and construct a groundbreaking platform.

Blend creativity and technical prowess to produce unparalleled user-centric experiences.

Engineer scalable, efficient code, emphasizing performance and resilience.

Stay in tune with the latest tech advancements and weave them into our projects.

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Flexibility: Relish the autonomy to work in tune with your rhythm.

Innovation: Immerse yourself in boundary-pushing projects where your insights are cherished and realized.

Collaboration: Join hands with a team that values partnership, mentorship, and growth.

Impact: Play a pivotal role in a purpose-driven initiative with immense potential to redefine the sector.

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