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I am looking for people to work with on a permanent basis to develop task management and CRM systems 1-5 projects per month.

Projects primarily in Monday.com. possibly Coda.io or ClickUp.

Plus integrations with other tools, APIs and webhooks.

Your tasks

  • Workflow or CRM implementations based on guidelines and data collected by the consultant.
  • Configuration of control panel/reporting.
  • Transferring data from other software.
  • Configuration of applications i.e. Monday.com, ClickUp, Linear.
  • Setting up internal automations.
  • Integration with tools after API and webhook.
  • Setting up make.com or Zapier.
  • Implementing or training the team with the prepared solution.
  • Building forms and connecting them to sites.
  • Possible direct contact with the client and scope definition to shorten the path.
  • Work with other team members to develop project proposals and cost estimates.

Required functions:

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