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    LepszyContent 35 deals
    Verification of texts in English
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone to verify the linguistic correctness of texts written in English. We are talking about reading and accepting articles and possibly minor proofreading if the need arises. It should not, but anything can happen ;) Thematically, we are talking about legal texts, but not "law journals", but articles, opinions, and commentaries. A polite request to determine the rate for reading and mentioned possible correction of 1000 characters.
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    ZlatyGroup 5 deals
    Translation of A4 page from PL to ROMANIAN
    Proposed by freelancer
    We have two short texts, max A4 page in total. We need them translated into Romanian. Requesting a rate per page of 1800 characters
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    Performing a validation of the translation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Checking the correctness of the translation of the description of a chemical agent for furniture Four sentences in English and German The text is already translated we only require checking for correctness and correcting any errors
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    Translation of texts on the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, on our German and English website there are still subtitles in Polish in some places. We are looking for a Polish -> German and Polish -> English translator.
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    Violetta Cherkas
    PL-EN translation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Source text Select source language. Currently selected: Translate from Polish (detected) Potrzebuję przetłumaczyć kilka dokumentów dla wizy UK, lącznie to 12 ston: History Translation results Select target language. Currently selected: Translate into English (US) I need to translate some documents for UK visa, total is 12 ston: URGENT - EMERGENCY ROSTER NEEDED Insert to... Copy Dictionary Click on a word to look it up or to see alternative translations.
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    Agata Zakrzewska 38 deals
    I will outsource proofreading in Memsource, I provide the license. About 4,000 words. Deadline 20.03 It is a presentation.
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    Lidar 151 deals
    translator from German into Norwegian
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a translator from German into Norwegian. The texts to be translated concern products from the furniture industry Please send a quote for 1800 characters of output text.
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    Translation of 10 B5 pages into English
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey, I need to translate into English part of a book - exactly 10 pages of B5 in order to launch it in the English-speaking market. The book is about the topic of personal development.
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    instagramkontent 1 deal
    Proofreading of Polish - Czech texts
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will outsource checking the correctness of translations and possible corrections of Czech texts on financial markets. Permanent assignment, 7 texts per week, most of them short, a few sentences long.
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    Maria Kaczmarek 1 deal
    About 1,600 characters to translate, food industry, juices, smoothies, syrups.
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Sven Meier
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Job description

Wilhelm Johann Meier GmbH was founded over 100 years ago and is based in Offenbach am Main. We produce and sell fashionable leather goods such as handbags, backpacks and purses, which we distribute via stationary trade and online.

We are looking for an external translator to translate our press releases from German into English and French. In addition to translating the press texts, the job also includes professional proofreading of the translations.


- Fluent in German, English and French

- Experience in translating texts

- Careful and accurate way of working

- Reliability and punctuality

You should have a very good knowledge of the respective languages as well as an excellent sense of language and style. Ideally, you will have experience in translating press texts.

The work should also be done carefully and reliably. Unpunctuality and unreliability are an absolute no-go for us.

We look forward to your support!

Type and number of texts:

Press releases

The language of the text:

German -> English German -> French

Number of characters:

A total of 20 pages with around 6,500 words

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