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    Aleksandra46 1 deal
    Hello, I need help in working out some statistical calculations for a paper. It is not required to work out the entire results of the study. Do any of you have a deadline and access to a statistical program ? A few statistical calculations are required to confirm the hypotheses, among others. It is not required to elaborate all 45 columns, it is just that the principal wished that in the work there should be "come some statistical calculations".
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    the table is to collect data and automatically recalculate them, the difficulty is that the calculation of profitability of orders may consist of 5 to max 7 sections in which there is a loss on one section of the route and a profit on another, the orders would be finally settled in a full loop and the profit/loss of a given loop would be calculated, each section can be run by a different logistician (would like it to be visible, for example. different color for each logistician), only part of the columns would be active for logisticians, the rest would be uneditable for logiticians but editable for the manager
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    Łukasz Nowakowski
    I will outsource the task of automating the import of customer order data into an existing Excel database and assigning the appropriate data for new items from orders based on the existing database. Details: 1. downloading the data from a csv file that will be updated once a day and uploaded to an FTP server from the client. 2. Putting the data into an Excel "Database" file by searching for a unique commodity code and assigning individual values to it from the following columns: order number, quantity ordered, date, place of delivery and price. (3) The rest of the information assigned in the database for new items and the individual commodity code (ITEMID) should be invariable such as packing patterns, pallet dimension, number of pieces per pallet, labels, etc. and taken from this database. 4) Each new order should add itself as a new line in the file, without deleting previously added orders with the same item. and more
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    We are looking for a person who has experience with, or similar tools. It is about setting up and connecting databases and automating activities.
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I will order the downloading of data from the website and sub-pages containing: name, surname, phone, address, email, entry number.

The data must be saved in excel.

Please ask for a quote for the whole thing.

The job in figures:

All records from the site and subpages.