Development of java application for integration with Comarch ERP Optima system

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Scope of work: Integration written in Java

Data creation on Comarch ERP Optima (stationary)

Documents must be created on any designated warehouse on Optima . Each document must have tables with configuration of document input parameters.

Creation of RO orders

Creation of WZ documents

Creation of PZ documents

Creating Invoices to RO

Creation of invoice adjustments

preferably class/interjfest with ready-made methods createDocument(document type, orderDto from cloud (contains information about document)) - returning id from Optima + number of created document

Downloading data from Comarch ERP Optima for generated documents

Downloading document signature

Downloading invoice document in .... format PDF

Retrieve stock to specified commodity by product code or ean

Update of stock to the indicated commodity by product or ean code

Required functions:

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