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Job description

Excel spreadsheet

A document consisting of multiple worksheets....

Sheet1 is the mother sheet. It is a list of all the intermediates from which products are made. All the names codes and prices are there. The prices will be updated there.

column A- Name

column B- Internal code

column C- Price per ingredient

column D- Notes

The next worksheets are the worksheets where the cost of each product will be calculated.

In these worksheets, I want that when I enter the name, the code and price will be completed according to worksheet1 and at the same time that when I enter the code, the name and price will be completed according to worksheet1. Also, so that when I change the price in sheet1, it automatically changes in the other sheets.

The second function is that column F (cost of the item) should show the product of columns CxD (price per component x quantity = cost of the item)

column A- Name

column B- Internal code

column C- Price per component

column D- Quantity

column E- Item code

column F- Cost of the component

It would be good for the sheet to work also in older versions of Excel (Excel 2013)

I am asking for offers to create such a sheet

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