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    A dozen or more seconds 2D/3D commercial spot of a new laundry IT system. 3-4 frames from the system + advertising slogans.
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    I would like a very short animation to be in my INTRO on the videos - lasting a maximum of 5 seconds. And also an animation at the end of the video that encourages you to subscribe to the creator's channel and write comments and click that you liked the video I can show a video from YT on which one of the animations I like, I will provide the colors I like, I will give more details in a specific conversation, of course. I don't know in what program you will do it, but it is possible that in After Effects. I don't know about software, however I need a good looking animation for my videos. Preferably people from POLAND or Lodz to make it easier to talk about the project.
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    Holiday Club
    Octopus animation for a website
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, we are looking for a person to make an animation of an octopus character to be placed on a website. We already have the design of the octopus in ai version - it needs to be "animated" - welcome sequence and a more dynamic one (jumping, rocking, etc) - gif format (max 300kb) If you have any additional questions necessary for pricing, please contact me
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    xb 2 deals In the document described, we care about something simple, we care about time
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    Good Studio
    Logotype Animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a person to animate a logotype details after choosing a person to work with
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    Fenix VET
    3D Animation of Surgery
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person to make a 3D animation about wound regeneration. Ideal design: I want the animation to be much shorter than the one on youtube and more realistic.
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    Fenix VET
    Good afternoon, Please prepare for me a 3D animations: 0-4 - close-up from the silhouette of the dog to its brain 4-9 - transformation from the shape of the brain to a cluster of neurons with transmitted impulses 9-20 - close-ups on neurons with transmitted impulses 20- 22 - return to brain shape from neuronal focus 22-28 - image captions appearing 28-35- return to view of brain shape 35-39 - returning to the view of the animal 39-42 - logo with caption Example:
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    Animation/ Video/ Spot
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission an animation/video/spot to encourage people to download and install a mobile application. I accept the use of stock materials. Deadline for completion by September 19 (with revisions). Please provide me with examples of previous work and a quote for completion of the order. Thank you
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    Ewa 7 deals
    I would like to commission an animation that starts and ends a marketing/business video. I have a logo, and a photo that I would like to use in the animation. There will be two sets of animations to be made - starting and ending the video on YT, and starting and ending each lesson of the online course.
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    1000ideas Sp. z o.o. 50 deals
    Animator Adobe Animate
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi :) is looking for an Adobe Animate Animator. It is about creating banners in HTML5. Permanent and project cooperation, remotely.
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Job description

We are looking for a contractor to make an animation displayed on the company's landing page.

The assignment includes making an animated version of the conversation on Twitter.

Type and length:

We want the animation to last no more than 5 seconds. due to the place where it will be displayed. Size not larger than 600x600 px. If you are interested in making it, it will send you benchmarks that will clarify the design.