2d technical drawings of the bathroom . Two floor plans and 4 vertical sections.

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250.00 PLN

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Job description

I will commission two floor plans and 4 vertical sections of the bathroom based on 3d model (SketchUp) sent by me.

Please provide in .dwg (2d) format drawings of the bathroom.

Individual furniture should be in blocks , polylines, with dimensioning and descriptions as in the example I attached. Please prepare for printing scale 1:20 A4 or A3 in cm .

Descriptions in the drawings in English.

The surface area in sqm.:

5 m2

Type and number of projects:

2 horizontal projections and 4 vertical sections in 2d , .dwg file -with dimensions -in blocks and polylines, on layers, proper line width -prepared in scale for printing 1:20 with table