How PromoTraffic unlocked the efficiency of outsourcing with Useme | Case study


24 April 2024
Check out how Useme simplified the entire process of outsourcing marketing tasks for a digital marketing company.

Goal: to ensure clients’ dynamic development online

PromoTraffic is a company specializing comprehensively in digital marketing. It collaborates with a network of over 100 partners and provides services including strategy development, programmatic campaigns, SEO, PPC, social media, and marketing automation. Through professional digital marketing efforts, it helps clients from around the world achieve their business goals quickly. It also aims for the continuous development of its business partners.

If you want to check PromoTraffic’s offer, visit their website – here.

The decision to outsource came naturally

Initially, we employed a large part of the team full-time. However, we later decided to cooperate with external subcontractors – copywriters. We found them through social media and recommendations.

Why outsourcing? We recognized that working with freelancers is an opportunity to receive diverse content from specialists in various fields. It also gives us the ability to order specific content according to the company’s current needs. When creating diverse and specialized content, relying solely on full-time employees restricted our ability to diversify and cover the broad scope of topics encompassed by our projects.

Tax invoices were very important for us

We knew that freelancers were a good solution for our company, but we also wanted to settle based on tax invoices. The problem was that not all specialists we were interested in had their own businesses and could issue a tax invoice. It’s obvious that invoicing based on tax invoices is much simpler and faster for both sides.

useme case study

Thanks to Useme, we can work with freelancers without a company

We found this solution through Google search and immediately noticed the opportunity to address our challenges with easy and quick subcontractor payments.

This allows us to focus on business development, clients, and creating briefs without wasting time on administrative tasks. Useme is the one who settles our freelancers and then provides their work to us along with a tax invoice. We don’t have to spend time on administrative tasks related to paying subcontractors or convince our freelancers to start their own businesses. Useme gives us all the benefits.

Outsourcing has become really simple

Currently, we collaborate with around 30 external freelancers and don’t have to limit ourselves only to subcontractors with their own businesses. We see that thanks to Useme, we don’t waste time on formalities, which translates into optimizing processes and company costs.

We appreciate the fact that when additional needs arise (like recently – related to invoices), we can always rely on their customer support. Useme proved to be such a straightforward solution that we had no hesitations when starting to use it. Copywriters accepted the idea just as well.

We see that outsourcing tasks to external subcontractors contributes to the faster growth of our business and enables us to efficiently serve our clients. We are glad that there is a proven solution that helps us scale our operations and administrative processes.


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