How Useme helped Growth grow without hiring full-time employees | Case study


11 March 2024
Read how we became Growth company's natural partner in their everyday collaboration with freelancers.

About the company

Growth is a consulting firm that, through its audits and strategic approach, helps small and medium-sized businesses to grow faster. Its owners are the authors of an AI-supported process that helps in identifying growth-inhibiting factors for companies. By utilizing AI technology, their service is faster and cheaper compared to traditional consultations.

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Our efforts focus on the financial development of companies, effective marketing, sales optimization, increasing operational efficiency, and human potential development. Each of these areas is crucial for business growth, comments Marcin Milke, Business Development Specialist from Growth organization.

Read what he says about collaborating with freelancers through Useme

We quickly realized that we didn’t want to hire full-time employees.

In 2010, at the beginning of our company’s existence, we hired specialists in the traditional way, that is, full-time. However, over time, this proved to be ineffective. Why? Our projects were very flexible, the number of orders from clients fluctuated, and we needed to engage specialists with specific competencies.

At the same time, the market for freelancers began to grow, and the popularity of remote work & outsourcing increased. We thought this might be an interesting alternative to traditional employment.

As times passed, full-time employees became a minority, with most work being carried out by independent subcontractors (freelancers) and business partners.

These included programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers, and project managers. At that time, we were developing an on-demand marketing product. By 2017, the company had around 170 freelancers associated with it.

case study Useme

Turning points required breakthrough solutions

The year 2019 proved to be pivotal for us – we transformed into the Growth organization and the freelancers’ market continued to grow, also in terms of competencies, allowing us to undertake even more complex projects.

Useme began to play an important role in sourcing subcontractors for specialized and operational work. We also searched for specialists on LinkedIn.

The key was that experts who were at the beginning of their business journey and did not have their own business could use Useme to settle deals with us. This was a significant facilitation because we did not plan to hire full-time employees.

I could focus on what matters most

For me personally, this 5-year period of redefining our business was full of challenges. We tried to formulate the final shape of our product and our company. During this time, I managed to return to studies, enhance my competencies, and verify previous theories and assumptions.

I am glad that during this crucial moment for our business, I could focus on the most important issues instead of coordinating the entire process of contracting freelancers, engaging in human resources, creating spreadsheets, and keeping track of document chaos.

Useme significantly simplified the entire process of settling this type of cooperation. We do not need a dedicated position responsible for monitoring the formalities, and all the issues imposed on entrepreneurs by the law. From the beginning, using this solution was clear and simple. Useme takes care of the entire process of settling deals with freelancers; we do not have to participate in it.

useme case study

We appreciate the opportunity to receive invoices from individuals without a company

We’re so happy that we don’t need to create our own IT solutions to work with freelancers who don’t have their own businesses.

case study Useme


We checked the competition, and no one offered what Useme does – the possibility of settling deals and receiving an invoice while working with individuals without a company.

case study Useme

What’s next?

We plan to strengthen our company’s operation in terms of organizational culture and continue to expand our group of partners. We aim for a turquoise management style and a flat structure. We want our partners to continually improve their skills, achieve business successes, and simultaneously support our clients.

For ideological reasons, we’re not planning to create full-time positions in our organization, so Useme is a natural partner for us in cooperating with freelancers who are in the process of transitioning to their own business. Every new specialist introduced to Useme has a chance to step into -the world of entrepreneurship and become more independent. This has educational value. The fact that we receive a tax invoice after cooperation is another huge advantage for us.

Our adventure continues, and there are still a few stops on its map. I would like to crown my career with the publication of a book that, I hope, will have a significant impact on strategic business work.

Explore what Growth can do for your company – check out their website.

If, like Growth, you value flexibility in working with selected partners and don’t want to limit your choice only to subcontractors who have their own business, check out Useme. With us, in 3 steps, without creating an account, you can settle deals with freelancers based on a tax invoice.


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