How Useme helped Skrivanek in borderless hiring | Case study


26 February 2024
Check how, with our assistance, this translation agency made borderless hiring a reality.

Eliminating language barriers and supporting clients worldwide in achieving their business goals – this is the company’s aim

Skrivanek’s clients range from small businesses to large corporations, as well as public institutions, government and non-government organizations, development studios, advertising agencies, and even private individuals.

With the use of translation services provided by the company, clients can develop their international relationships, expand their market reach, address communication challenges, and gain access to previously unavailable data.

Read how Magdalena Pluta, Vendor Community Team Manager at Skrivanek, describes their collaboration with Useme.

Traditional settlements posed significant administrative challenges 

Our company heavily relies on freelancers, numbering around 3000. Not all of them have their own companies, which leads to the need to settle based on specific work contracts. This process was time-consuming and involved a lot of work.

Traditional settlements were a real headache, not just in terms of paperwork and organization but also in terms of our company’s green approach. Skrivanek specializes in language services, primarily delivered online. Every minor service, e.g., translating a single sentence or checking texts for language accuracy, which valued for a couple of dollars, required a separate work contract. This meant tons of paperwork – checking, sending, receiving, accounting, settling, you name it, not to mention the amount of paper required for such settlements.

In our case, the administrative workload was even greater, considering that our subcontractors come from around the world. Each country they reside in requires freelancers to follow different regulations.

Settling deals also consumed the time of our accounting staff. Before starting a translation project, we had to understand how to settle it with a particular freelancer, causing delays in the entire process.

We felt it was high time for significant changes

Restructuring was necessary. We began exploring ways to introduce conveniences and improvements in settling deals with our language service providers. Simultaneously, we aimed to maintain our existing team – we did not plan to hire additional employees. We wanted to significantly shorten settlement times and streamline the process.

Our company often has individual projects requiring knowledge of rare languages. We collaborate with freelancers who see language services as their additional source of income. Such projects do not allow hiring freelancers full-time, so we were on the lookout for an alternative to traditional contracts.

case study Useme

From now on, we’re working without borders – literally 

When we discovered Useme, new possibilities opened for collaborating with subcontractors in individual projects. Outsourcing individual tasks related to niche languages became less time-consuming for us.

From now on, we can collaborate with a greater number of freelancers and expand our talent pool, which is crucial in our industry. Our clients are bringing us more and more unconventional requests that fall beyond the scope of what freelancers on B2B contracts can cover. We look for freelancers with experience and skills, without worrying how to settle a particular deal. Useme has become a great alternative to complicated and time-consuming civil law contracts.

We are confident that we can settle invoices in our country with any subcontractor worldwide. The recruitment process and subsequent collaboration are not restricted by the method of settlement.

When we informed freelancers about Useme, they reacted positively. We created a dedicated step-by-step instruction for them on how to issue invoices. They appreciate that the money is in their accounts so quickly after completing the work.

case study Useme

Useme adapted to our needs

Initially, we had some concerns about the process of uploading the full work by freelancers to Useme. We must keep things confidential in front of our clients, so we couldn’t accept sharing complete works with the service.

Since legal rules state that a client’s confirmation of the completion of a work is enough to settle this work, besides the work itself, we reached an agreement with Useme on this. Instead of uploading the whole work, we use a special form to confirm that the work has been done. This way, freelancers can settle the work through the service without worrying about sharing anything.

case study Useme


What’s next?

The language services market is changing dynamically. We are currently implementing new AI-related services and will undoubtedly be looking for providers with experience to support us in this direction. Useme will significantly facilitate our collaboration with subcontractors who want to remain in their current positions and only share a fragment of their time with us.

We highly recommend using the service to everyone who wants to dedicate time to growing their business instead of wasting it on settling deals with freelancers. The convenience of the entire freelancer settlement process is the service’s greatest advantage. It is worth noting that Useme has an interesting way of settling all freelancers within one invoice and one bulk payment.

Skrivanek offers various language services such as written translations, conference support, website and online store translations, software and game localization, post-editing, machine translations, foreign language teaching, language audits, and other services for HR departments. If you want to use their services, visit to explore their detailed offer.

If, like Skrivanek, you value streamlining business processes, and want to avoid spending time on administrative tasks related to settling freelancers, hand over your duties to us and settle deals with freelancers without signing contracts.

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