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From: Poland

Location: Kraków, PL

On Useme since 1 March 2016

About me

For my whole career I have been always concerned with OPTIMIZATION. It didn't matter if it was my own computer hardware, my desk, a website's content, visibility in search engines, sales or server configuration. After so many years I am positive, that Making-Things-Work-Better is a talent I have luckily found early and was able to excel it all the time along. I am proud to be recommended by my customers who say that I work on a project as if it was my very own.

My top speciality is Search Engine Optimization in which I very often use all of the above skills. Currently good SEO results are heavily dependant not only on right keyphrases, linking and original content (as it used to be several years ago) but also on over two hundred other factors, including optimization of: hosting server, sitemap, rich snippets, internal linking, advanced meta tags, OG tags, API connections, RSS, UX, CDN, media descriptions, website network connections etc.

If you are interested to know more about SEO ranking factors, I recommend this exquisite research:


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Hosting and websites management: - installation, configuration and management of new VPS server in a cloud. - server optimization (PageSpeed, CDN) and security (Pyxsoft, CSF) - websites migration - services and accounts management - e-mail...

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My standard fee: 60 PLN per hour (12 GBP, 15 USD or 14 EUR)

If you wish to hire me per hour, it is possible to do so by making an upfront payment via Paypal to I usually connect with TeamViewer and am at your service in...

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A-Z SEO services.