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From: Poland

Location: Kamionka, PL

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About me

I am a 20-year-old student at the Lublin School of Art and Design in Lublin, majoring in graphic design. I am looking for freelance assignments in the field of graphic design.

As a talented and creative graphic designer, I am willing to take on a variety of projects - both one-time assignments and permanent cooperation. So far, I have used my skills, among others, designing thumbnails,avatars for YouTube and designing patterns for notebooks sold on Amazon.

I am open to cooperation in creating graphic materials in any form - , logo designs, business cards, flyers, banners, graphics for social media and much more.

With my creativity, love of graphic design and willingness to work hard, I am confident that I can create designs that will meet your expectations. I invite you to cooperate with me!


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Podcast Startup

This is a logo for one of the clients who plans to do podcasts!

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Projekt książeczki,albumu dla dzieci o prostej ale ciekawiej budowie!

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Drukowana kolorowanka

Design of a coloring book cover idea for a class at the Lublin School of Art and Design.

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Geo Eventum Logo

Logo dla Geologa z zaczynającą firmą "Geo Eventum"

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Baner na Allegro

Baner na Allegro prezentujący produkty medyczne.

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Wizytówka/Bussines Card

Business card design for Mr. Tomas, owner of the company Reality T.M s.r.o. As part of a competition on the platform, I created a business card design for Mr. Tomas, who runs the Czech company Reality T.M s.r.o.

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Design pod Koszulkę

Zaprojektowałem tę logo na koszulkę. Duży "kawałek" ze spływającym serem to eyecatcher, który przyciąga uwagę i wzbudza uśmiech z napisem.

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ENER logo

Logo powstałe dla firmy "ENER" zajmującej się sprzedażą lamp LED do wykorzystania w warsztatach,halach produkcyjnych.

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Wizytówka Geo Eventum

Wizytówka firmy geologicznej Geo Eventum.

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