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From: Poland

Location: Jarandowo

On Useme since 19 May 2024

About me

We are a multidisciplinary design studio combining strategy with design and visual communication.


Portfolio item Tomograf ERI TM600

The ERI TM600 tomograph is an imaging device designed for an innovative imaging modality (ERI). It’s used for laboratory tests on various preclinical models. Its advantage is the transformation of generated images into 3D objects. The first challenge

Portfolio item Freelancer w podróży

Working as a freelancer while travelling can be difficult due to the changing workspace. In response to this problem, a backpack was created, which is hand luggage that can be transformed into a mobile workshop for a modern freelancer. Designing hand

Portfolio item Szlak Dobrej Energii

The Good Energy Trail (pl. Szlak Dobrej Energii) is an ideal place for active recreation. It is a complex combining many local attractions around Wojtal and Odra, two villages in Pomerania. The Kamienne Kręgi nature reserve, camping, kayaking and the

Portfolio item Spacefood

Observing the constant optimization of life and constantly being in a rush was an inspiration to think about what food will look like in the future. In response to this question, the concept of an individual, two-part food and liquid container was cr

Portfolio item System Identyfikacji Jednostek SWP

Our task was to design a coherent identification system for institutions managed by the Pomeranian Voivodeship Government. It aimed to increase awareness of the financing of these institutions supported by the taxes paid by voivodeship residents and

Portfolio item Zabawka, która rośnie wraz z dzieckiem

The toy is a set of 27 elements, the combination of which allows you to create mobile objects and structures that support children's motor development, its form allows it to be freely rebuilt depending on the needs and age of the child.

Portfolio item Najlepsze dyplomy UAP 2019

An exhibition system was developed in connection with the exhibition of the best diplomas of the University of Arts in Poznań. The exhibition took place in MTP Pavilion No. 10 - the Poznań icon of modernism designed by Bolesław Szmidt, which was burd