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From: Poland

Location: Warsaw

On Useme since 4 March 2016

About me

Who we are?

We are fast, flexible and result oriented softwarehouse from Poland. The name Netkata comes from Japanese word "kata" (型) – movement forms practiced in martial arts to achieve perfection with a systematic iterative approach. This is how we work. Our approach is agile and provides, accountability and regular deliveries of working software. We help our partners create innovative services and solutions that grow their business.

What we deliver?


We believe in transparency and open communication. We focus on usability and solutions delivering business value. No fluff. We've built company & product sites, blogs, e‑commerce, enterprise portals. You name it.


What sets our designs apart? One thing: we design to solve business problems. To communicate, to convince, to engage. There's careful analytical research and reasoning + creative insight + clear strategy behind every our design. We do not decorate.


We work mainly with IT, software and tech companies. We make their solutions remarkable by supporting them with business analysis, information architecture and distinctive user interface design for their software and their clients. We design mobile apps, intranets and desktop software interfaces. 90% of our UX/UI design projects come from referals.


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Portfolio item Better Solutions - website

We're thrilled to share one of our latest projects: website for BetterSolutions, our client from 3city, Poland. BetterSolutions believes, that their solutions makes the world a better place. Their new website makes the world a better place as...

Portfolio item Netkata - website

We are proud to present you our own brand new website! Designed and developed fully in-house! Top-notch UX! Responsive, fast, and simply beautiful. Check it out!

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Kahuna Love – agency specialising in ePR and social media – approached us to design a remarkable and fresh visual language for their brand. Strong references to Hawaii culture, with a digital twist and strong emphasis on humane sprit of the...