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From: Poland

Location: Poznań, PL

On Useme since 1 November 2016

About me

I am a true humanist in a wide sens of the word (and I don't mean having struggles with maths). Since childhood I've been interested in culture, especially art and literature. The second one, that has been particularly strong in high school is the reason why I can now call myself a student of Polish Philology. I am a finalist of national competition in polish language and literature, moreover I have been a writer and graphic for magazine "Kontrasty" (which is the best school magazine in Greater Poland according to UAM), I write literature as well and over the last summer I had been running social media and writing articles as a job. Although, my heart is all about writing, I haven't dropped my other interests and skills. As an artistic soul - I make illustrations, I do computer graphics and I use english language with ease (as you can see). I am abitious and creative, I like to learn new things and come up with my own ideas and solutions. In work I like good contact and freedom in my ideas and realisation (freedom - not anarchy). My not professional interest are literature, teory of literature, history of art, theatre, journalism, politics, gender studies and also beauty and health; vegetarian and vegan cuisine (and diet - depends on the context). I can use my creativity in various types of work and I adapt to new situations and challenges very quickly.


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