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From: Poland

Location: Słupca, PL

On Useme since 14 March 2016

About me

I'm a person who don't like boredom. I know I can do everythink, sometimes it takes from me just few minutes, some tasks require from me more sitting and thinking to make it brilliant! I think my english is good enough to work using it, my polish is even better (mother language). I have a blog Bo Włos Ma Swój Głos and other social profiles (the same name) where I create a space about hair with my husband. Previously I bloged and leaded fanpage of ERUDIO Bartosz Zarębski, CMI (Centrum Marketingu Internetowego), made translations for Bregus POLSKA. Created YT films, especially entertainment field, but also some photo-shoot backtage films. I'm really good in preparing data base in excel.


Advertisement Advertising texts Copywriting E-marketing English Facebook Online lessons Review Sales Translation



I love writing, there's no problem for me to create many texts about every topic, because I need just about an hour to two to achieve enough knowledge to write appropriate and eye-catching text! Check me if you want.


Need photos of nature or product? Great! Cause such pics turn me on! My portfolio you can check on my blog (it's new, so I still add new posts with pics). Please check my instagram as well ;)