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I will commission the writing of 2 technical-marketing articles in English with a length of about 1300-1500 WORDS.

Articles on the following topics with suggested sub-points:

1. Sentry - why you should use it

- Sentry - what is it (information on sentry.io)

- Why errors may appear in the finished software on the site

- why catching errors is important

- catching errors in the context of Agile (in the context of frequent software updates)

- constant quality monitoring which with details goes to developers

- saving time - the client does not have to provide the context of the problem he encountered

2. only 5% of a business is an idea

- idea - initial phase - important, but it is assigned too much importance

- market research and search for potential customers at low cost

- creating a business plan - on your own or commissioned

- raising funds - own funds, grants, venture capital or loans

- planning and starting marketing

- creating an MVP

- collecting feedback from users

- control of fixed and variable costs

- updating software based on user feedback

- growth

I request a quote for the entire order.

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2 specialized posts

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