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    eloco 1 deal
    Woocomerce store
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to make an online store. At the moment the store stands on shoper, however we want to move it to woocomerce. Our company eloco.co.uk sells eyeglass frames, eyeglass accessories and there are also plans for barbering products. Graphics at this point we have. We will need a homepage (slider, suggested products, graphics, etc.) tabs for men, women, children, accessories, barber products, blog, shopping cart, search engine, filtering, adding payments, supplies, reviews, connecting baselinker. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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    Anatomia Matury 2 deals
    A few tweaks to the website (woocommerce)
    Proposed by freelancer
    1. switching from Customize My Account for WooCommerce plugin to membership 2. integration of membership with Vimeo I License Manager 3. website audit + consultation (20-30 min)
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    Hi, I have a website in WordPress www.eliteadfinder.se where I need to make some improvements in the ordering/user panel. Current when a user creates an account he can only submit one order per account, we need to change this to unlimited orders. This also means creating a user panel to track/review those orders under user profile after logging in. There is a UniPath robot connected to the website that receives the data from each user form submission and in return puts data into a database every 24 hours. This data needs to be pulled, and formatted in a user friendly manner to be displayed in the user profile, but also fit into an email template and be sent daily to a user for a duration of the purchased service. Counterpart for UniPath integration will be provided for the duration of the project.
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    WC online store + analytics + configuration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I run a personal brand; sell courses and digital products (training, documents, etc.). A total of 30 products. The current website meets expectations, but the store no longer does. I am looking for a frilancer who: - will help me choose a web and store template (wc/wo) - customize it, implement and deploy it - will adjust the architecture for positioning - will configure with FB (Pixels, API and most importantly product catalogs) - will configure with GA and other google products - will actively advise, consult and point the way to the extent that he himself will not be able to help
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    prestashop transfer
    400.00 PLN
    After moving the prestashop store to another hosting, the site does not work. It partially works only in debug mode. Need to fix it urgently. I provide a complete copy and all the data for the panel.
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    I need a bot that would put a given assortment into a shopping cart and basically that's it. It would be useful additionally maybe for it to check if you are still logged in.
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    Sahara 3 deals
    Configuring basic order statuses. Creating automatic actions in BaseLinker: creating invoices for selected customers - setting up numbering, status changes, automatic label creation, working on automating actions between Allegro and BaseLinker. Parcel kiosks A, B, C. Connecting mailbox. Printing labels directly from the program by Zebra printer. Creating a warehouse based on Allegro auctions and connecting BaseLinker with Allegro, Erli, Shopee. Full synchronization. Integration with carriers, Automated label printing when order is marked as packed etc. Please provide a full gross quote.
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    We have an online store mastersofcovers.com. We are looking for a coder who specializes in Woocommerce. For permanent cooperation To expand the store with new functionalities. Tasks to start: 1. updating wordpress and woocommerce (at the moment 25 plugins + wordpress + theme). 2. update php to the latest version (currently php 7.4) 3. replacing 5 photos of materials that are on the web directly on the server. One photo is used in many places and with each product, so swapping manually would be time consuming. 4. expansion of emails after ordering. Currently, a so-called "conformation email" goes out when a user places an order and pays. We would like other emails to go out as well, ie: - email with confirmation of payment - e-mail with information that we proceeded to process the order 5. on the product page https://mastersofcovers.com/product/allerum-sofa-bed-cover-195/?attribute_pa_fabric=cotton-whitechcemy add upgrade the plugin to a paid version so that the power to embed more photos and product videos in the photo gallery. Now we have an option for only 3 pcs. 6. add a new payment option - Stripe If the quote requires more details - please contact me. Please attach to the offer links to realized on woocommerce stores. We will not evaluate them in terms of graphics, more in terms of correctness of operation.
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    asiakubich 2 deals
    Fixes - prestashop 1.7
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to efficiently make improvements to the homepage layout for a prestashop 1.7 based store.
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    Prestashop store acceleration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will commission the acceleration of the Prestashop 1.7 store. It takes a long time to load categories - that's first of all. There are 150k products, strong VPS with KVM.
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Job category:
Online shops
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Preferable skills:
online shop
web site
Valid until:

Job description

Hi, the agency is looking for a frilanser to work with us on an ongoing basis to implement woocommerc online store pages.

We need someone who:

- install and configure an online store on wordpress

- installs and helps to customize bought template; responsiveness is especially important

- plug-ins (e.g. map with postal code)

- optimizes the website for SEO and analytics: GA, SC, PX

- Customizes admin panel to make it intuitive and tailored to your needs

- protect the site against crawling bots, links, etc.

- What is important: there will be a lot of products in the store, so their selection, filtering, description places, pictures will be the most important part of the store

- equally important: there will be no payment gateway or shipping methods in the store; the transaction finalization is quite unusual

Additionally (it would be nice):

- short tutorial

- half-yearly care of the website

On the agency side: texts, products, regulations, graphics, etc.

Required functions:

store, blog, news, newsletter, geolocation, social plugins, messenger etc.

Template / individual design:

wordpress, no graphics