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Website development
Expected budget:

800.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description

I have the following order:

1. I bought a web template on webflow.io

2. i want to customize it according to my needs

3. the site is to go on webflow.io, edits also in this service

3. I have very specific needs as to the number and type of pages, sections and functionality. The template provides for a CMS.

4) I will write the texts myself.

5.It is only about creating a structure, linking, tagging, processing, etc. to a fully functional page, which I will fill with text on my own (I have sufficient skills for this).

6. as part of the assignment - to make a copy (mirror?) of the page to the English version.

7.There will be to add some custom elements not provided for in the template - for example, marquee with customer logos.

Preferable solution


Required features

Template + English version + CMS for 3 pages + marquee logo.

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