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    Agata Zakrzewska 36 deals
    Ordinary translation from Polish into Portuguese, text volume 1234 characters
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    Agata Zakrzewska 36 deals
    Ordinary translation from Polish into Spanish, text volume 1234 characters
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    I will outsource auctioning and account maintenance on
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    Translation from German into Czech
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to translate a website from German to Czech.
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    S_Rental 8 deals
    I will order the translation of the manual of a construction machine. The original in Dutch in PDF. The first manual Total: 22 pages, 5000 words+518 characters. Second manual: Total: 62 pages, 10652 words +1498 characters As a result of the work, we need a finished PDF file with text in Polish and drawings as in the original (PDF edition).
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    Translation of analytical reports (finance, economics, capital markets) in English (each report about 5-10 pages) into Polish. Long-term contract (one year or more) Knowledge of financial markets - lots of technical phrases - is welcome.
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    Virtual People 47 deals
    Self-tanner online store. We are looking for a person who will undertake the translation of the entire online store into two languages - English and German. We have English texts for inspiration - for product pages (from the manufacturer's website, nevertheless we would like the site to be compatible with our Polish version after translation). About 37 thousand words (~115 pages of text)
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    IAC 407 deals
    Looking for people with German c2
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for people to translate into German
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    Tomasz Kuciński
    Good day - I need translations of instructions and descriptions from Polish into Ukrainian. Health and safety instructions and descriptions. Please send me an offer. Regards Tomasz
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    Depends on the story, but literal translation without editing often falls off, because sometimes specific wording is used - so you need to pay more attention to make it sound good in Polish. ( Ultimately, the material will be read) Example of text: Alternatively, more "casual" texts of the type: I am looking for someone for a longer cooperation :) If you are thinking about it seriously, be sure to send a translation sample based on this text. Let me know what rate you would like to receive for 1000 words and how much you would be able to translate in a week. ---------- Before I could respond, I heard a cry from down the hall. Someone was screaming in the stairwell. Someone was howling like an animal shot through the leg. I heard flesh cracking. I heard tendons popping. I heard a voice choking on words. Someone was vomiting up my name in the stairwell. "I think I need to take a break," I said. I tried to turn to look at Dave, but felt hands holding my head in place. I tried to move my hands, but found the wrist straps had been fastened. "How long have I been here?" I asked. No one responded. The moaning down the hall grew closer. Someone was pounding on the doors. They were locked. But the door to the lab wasn't. ----------------- Greetings!
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Good morning,

I am looking for a person to translate texts from the website to the English version. The text was written by Copy from SEO, so we expect a similar style so that the right phrases are preserved in the texts.

The page will look like 1: 1 so we expect everything to be translated one by one.

At the moment, there are 1240 words on the page to be translated (9 thousand characters)

The deadline is until October 15, 2021, but if it requires an extension, we are flexible +/- 3 days.

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9 thousand characters, 1240 words. SEO text

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