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From: Poland

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I am a translator and a proofreader (language pair: English-Polish), having several years of professional experience. In the course of my career, I have been working on texts of various sizes and relevant to various topics, including application letters, CVs, internal corporate documents, and also abstracts of BA and MA dissertations and scientific papers. I provide the services referred to above directly to customers (natural persons and business organizations), and as a sub-contractor of translation offices and schools.


Artistic translation English Translation



Translating and proofreading texts (memos and newspaper articles) on international collaboration and exchange.

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Akademia BT

Translating and proofreading texts within the broad scope of topics, among others, documents, application letters, CVs and legal texts.

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  • Witam, zlecę parafrazowanie tekstu angielskiego. Oto on: Lord of the Flies, William Golding's most successful novel, has been attracting much attention throughout the literatus of both England and abroad ever since its publication in 1954. Especially after Golding's winning of the Nobel Prize in 1983, the novel secured him a more important position in modern English literary history. The novel seems to be simple in contents but profound in moral, setting one future nucleus war as the background of the novel in the beginning. A group of English boys are deserted on a tropical island after their plane is unfortunately shot down during the war. Under no restrictions of social moral rules, the children's initial attempt to get rescue ends up with mutual killing. The novel shows much concern to the degradation of human nature and the dark side of human souls, more importantly, to the living conditions of human beings as a whole. At the same time, the novel reveals Golding's writing style and theme with the perspicuity of realistic narrative art and the diversity and universality of myth, and illustrates vividly the human condition in the world of today. In the essence of ideology, Golding advocates humanism. It is the same with French existential philosopher Sartre.The present paper probes and discusses the existential elements of the novel in the absurdity of the world, the alienation of the world and freedom and responsibility to further comprehend the realistic significance of the novel.The paper is mainly divided into three parts. Chapter One analyzes the absurdity of the world—nucleus war brings the children to a deserted island, later the island changes into a slaughterhouse. This chapter aims to explain the absurdity of the world by illustrating the world of chaos and irrationality. This is the same as Sartre's viewpoint"the absurdity of the world". Chapter Two analyzes the alienation of the world in the novel, including alienation between"I"and"me", and alienation between"Being"with"Others". The good nature degenerates into barbarism and harmonious relations change into hostile relations, which is identified with Sartre's philosophical idea of"alienation"and"Being with Others". Chapter Three deals with the freedom of making a choice and its corresponding responsibility, including freedom to social restriction and freedom to maintain individuality. This embodies Sartre's core viewpoint"freedom". In a word, the existential elements in Lord of the Flies are not only beneficial to understand the realistic significance of the novel, furthermore, reveal Golding's ultimate thoughts of human beings.