Translation of values in 2 LANG php files into Polish

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We have two files, one with 1,836 lines and the other with 751, in the following structure (I give snippets of these files):

$_LANG['serverAA']['product']['mainContainer']['mainForm']['advancedSection']['rightSection']['customconfigoption[bios]]['customconfigoption[bios]'] = 'BIOS';

$_LANG['serverAA']['product']['mainContainer']['mainForm']['advancedSection']['rightSection']['customconfigoption[bios]']['tip'] = 'Select BIOS implementation.'

$_LANG['serverAA']['product']['mainContainer']['mainForm']['advancedSection']['leftSection']['customconfigoption[machine]]['customconfigoption[machine]'] = 'Qemu Machine Type;

$_LANG['serverAA']['product']['mainContainer']['mainForm']['advancedSection']['leftSection']['customconfigoption[machine]']['tip'] = 'Specify the Qemu machine type


You need to translate them into Polish, but ATTENTION - keeping the typical Englishisms for the IT industry, i.e. do not translate, for example, 'Security Groups' to 'Security Groups':

Security Groups to Security Groups only to "Security Groups", etc. etc.

You should translate only the part of the line after the '=' sign, for example:

$_LANG['serverAA']['product']['mainContainer']['mainForm']['advancedSection']['rightSection']['customconfigoption[bios]']['tip'] = "Select BIOS implementation.

$_LANG['serverAA']['product']['mainContainer']['mainForm']['advancedSection']['rightSection']['customconfigoption[bios]']['tip'] = 'Select BIOS implementation.';

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