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Hey there! We're FOAP, and we're all about creating epic content that blows up on social media. If you live and breathe TikTok, Insta Reels, and YouTube Shorts, keep reading! 🚀

Job Description:

We need UGC Video Editors pro at turning raw footage into viral gold. If you love the latest trends and can whip up videos that make people stop scrolling, you’re our person. 📹🔥

What You’ll Do:

- Edit videos using CapCut, Adobe Premiere Pro, or whatever tool you rock at. 🎬

- Stay on top of social media trends and keep our content fresh. 📈

- Work with our team to brainstorm and bring video ideas to life. 💡

- Make sure every video is on-brand and eye-catching. 🎨

- Juggle multiple projects and hit those deadlines. ⏰

What You’ve Got:

- Experience editing UGC videos for social media. 🌟

- Skills with video editing software (CapCut experience is a big plus). 🛠️

- A deep understanding of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. 📱

- A creative mind and a keen eye for detail. 👀

- Ability to work solo or with a team. 🤝

- Strong communication skills. 🗣️

- Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. ⚡


- Competitive pay. 💰

- Flexible hours. ⏳

- Work in a fun, creative environment. 🎉

- Access to the latest tools and resources. 🛠️

- Room to grow and develop your skills. 🌱

How to Apply:

Think you’re the perfect fit? Send us your resume, a short cover letter, and links to your best video work.

Let’s create something amazing together! 🚀

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    Hey :) I'm looking for someone who is skilled in VR. I've got a magisterial production for young people called "The Little Prince" with a 360 pro camera and I need someone who can glue the scenes together, throw in transitions between them (star travel animations) and, possibly, enhance the sound of the dialogues if necessary.
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    Granator Film 24 deals
    Film editor
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a film editor for remote cooperation, but working in the area of Poznan. Work from now on.
  • no avatar
    To edit an interview with the client from the materials provided. The materials were recorded with their equipment. The film is to include a static interview with inserts from the city (photos, video), to add subtitles, improve sound and lighting and framing.
  • no avatar
    Hello, I'm looking for someone to edit and give us direction when it comes to videos of our projects, they are mainly websites and online stores and various tools for salespeople such as quote configurators. We were thinking of short videos showing what work we did for the client. We also need a simple montage of instructions on how to use some of the options on the platform we are running, based on the materials submitted we would require inserting subtitles, maybe some intro. I would ask for an estimate of the cost of doing this type of work and a portfolio.
  • no avatar
    Editing 10 videos from stock footage
    Proposed by freelancer
    Videos are to be about 30s + cover on YT / Tiktok/Insta I provide the texts that need to be included in the videos. Please give me an approximate cost with stock garbage cans.
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    Arkadiusz Krzemiński 1 deal
    Cutting video footage into shorts/reels.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to create YouTube reels/shorts from already published videos. Scope of activities: -Downloading videos from YouTube. -Dividing videos that are compilations of several other videos into single minute shorts. Sometimes some videos will need to be trimmed from, say, 70 seconds to 60 seconds so that they can be published on YouTube. -Resizing videos from 16x9 to 9x16 format. -Optional addition of subtitles to the videos. -Films are approximately 10 minutes in length. I am asking for a quote for converting a WHOLE 10 MINUTE FILM into 10X60SEK SHORTS. Not pricing for individual shorts.
  • no avatar
    I am looking for a talented freelancer to work with me on a long-term basis to create engaging video content. I need a person who can create dynamic and compelling content tailored to various social media platforms. Scope of work: Editing short videos (30-120 seconds) for Instagram Reels, TikTok and Facebook Use of provided video materials Adding special effects, transitions, subtitles and music Adapting content to current social media trends Requirements: Experience in video editing, especially in vertical video format Knowledge of current trends on social media platforms Creativity and innovative approach to content creation Ability to work with various video formats (mp4, mov) Ability to create attention-grabbing first few seconds of a video If you are interested in cooperation, please send me: Portfolio with examples of your projects A brief description of your experience Possibility of long-term cooperation Please provide your proposed rate for one video/reels as well as for making 30 per month.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for an editor for one of my company's projects, related to computer game and Meme coins. I am looking for someone for long-term cooperation, who will be able to deal with: - Editing YouTube videos (several minutes long) - Editing reels on Instagram - Editing of Ticktocks - Editing materials for Twitter (X) The materials provided for editing will be both graphics, game, etc. as well as (to a lesser extent) recordings of conferences and meetings. I am keen to find a creative person who is familiar with the specifics and trends of social media.
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    Mateusz 9 deals
    Hey, I got a drone, so I flew it for myself. It is known that the first shots are.... what they are :) The assignment is to edit the video of the vacation from the material I provided. The material will be sorted into locations and suspended in the cloud. The editing style and colors according to today's trends.
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    Video Podcast Assembly
    Proposed by freelancer
    I offer a permanent order of about 15 video-podscast. Currently 6 ready. Shots from 3 cameras, for better perspecitve, edited audio. Just to edit properly - time about 60-80 minutes. And the creation of rolls of the podcast.