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I am going to do the facade of the house and have no idea about the design. The house is terraced and it is a middle house. The front and back of the building will be insulated. The front door and one window in the kitchen is replaced. The other windows will also be replaced. Those at the back will be all to the "ground" except for one upper one on the left. All windows will be anthracite in color. Looking for someone with ideas for upgrading the facade, fencing and the approach and driveway to the gas.

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    Zlecenie prywatne 1 deal
    I have a functional design ready, with installations, dimensioned. In general - ready. I have selected materials and colors of floors, suspended ceilings, etc.. The furniture in the kitchenette is worked out in terms of function (where upper cabinets, where lower cabinets, appliances, etc.). I have specific function locations (i.e., location of couch, table, TV, chair, possible additional furniture). What I lack is an idea for the look and color scheme of the kitchen and living room furniture. I am looking for someone to do visualizations including several color suggestions. I'm also keen on two-three proposals for the exterior design of the living room furniture (e.g., furniture built-ins with TV, how the closed/open bookcase/shelf divisions will look, etc.). That is, for my detailed functional assumptions which are already worked out and ready, I am looking for a designer who will assist me in the visual appearance of the furniture and propose the color scheme and the external appearance of the living room furniture and the table, possibly small additions (like a lamp over the table). The order does not require personal visits, meetings, inventories, etc. Possibility of execution completely remotely. Please apply via Useme.
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    Black Fat Cat
    Interior design of a single-family house
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to prepare an interior design in a single-family building based on prepared inspirations in a segment type building (ground floor, ground floor, attic). A total of 130m2. vestibule, two bathrooms, open kitchen with living room, two rooms for children. a bedroom with a dressing room and a room in the attic (a studio/relaxation room) the building is in a developer state. kwesdtia hydraliki elektryki połączenia w moim zakresie. All I need is an interior design
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    Agnieszka Z.
    PZT redrawing
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will redraw my development concept from pdf to dwg format file. Time to complete the order max 7 days
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    Patryk 8 deals
    Stationary store design
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a Stationary Store Interior Designer Our company is looking for a creative and experienced person to design the look of our new stationary store. The design should take into account the existing furniture that we are taking over from the previous tenant, and add details and finishing touches that harmonize with the profile of our company. We are committed to an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior that will be economically realized. If you are an imaginative person, able to combine functionality with aesthetics, come to us. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions.