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    Stanisław Chałupczak
    Akeneo installation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Commissioning the installation of PIM Akeneo on a server
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    don_nob 3 deals
    I am looking for someone who would be able to take over/redesign the admin panel of a mobile app. The admin panel is built on Vue.js + Firebase. Development theme for longer cooperation.
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    I need to do a deploy of a nod application (Strapi) on an AWS insfaststructure. When I locally connect in the application with RDS and S3, everything works fine. The problem arises when I try to do the same using EC2. I am looking for support from someone well versed in AWS services for consultation.
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    Hello I will order updating databases on server Best Regards MG
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    managerspakrakow 21 deals
    I will order the removal of spam / virus that installed on the website. The site works, but in the link preview appear Japanese characters and images unrelated to the theme of the site the site is on OVH. after scanning it through: the message shows: Known Spam detected: spam-seo?japanese.0
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    Hey! I have some finished projects and I would like to run them on my VPS instead of on external servers, but I need help with the configuration. In the past, I had a server with pm2 and nginx installed and managed it there, but I don't know how to set up something like this from 0 myself. In addition, for one of the projects I will need a database, and integration of the project with it. To sum it up, I need someone to give me training on this, to guide me on how to do it, using one project as an example.
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    Karpatka 28 deals
    Server administration
    300.00 PLN
    I am looking for a person (companies thank you) who would help, in his spare time, with the administration of the server. My skills in this area are zero, and therefore I am willing to take permanent cooperation. The server needs constant care, review for optimization, possible updates and security. Programming skills in php, for example, when updating software to changing conditions on the server, especially security, are welcome. There are a dozen or so minor and major sites on the server, including, for example, Price is of paramount importance, so please quote me a rate for, say, 10 hours of work per month.
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    TrioNet 4 deals
    I have a developed educational platform based on wordpress and LMS LearnDash and a mobile application in flutter. I am looking for an administrator to audit the configuration of the hosting and the aforementioned application, make changes and administer the aforementioned solution for 12 months. I am asking for a price for audit + configuration and a separate one for maintenance.
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Server administration
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Job description

The assignment is to configure the server and diagnose and fix potential overload errors such as 502 or 504. We are looking forward to a potentially longer cooperation in the future to maintain the infrastructure, perform ongoing load tests.

I am looking for an experienced person who has an idea of how the infrastructure works, supporting our IT team from the server side.

If you feel comfortable working in the environment described below - please contact me.

1 The platform stands on Laravel, we use MySQL database and cache a lot of things to Redis. Everything is hosted on nginx. Previously we had apache with no problems, but due to optimization to handle potentially high traffic, we switched to nginx.

2 We use multi-tenancy in Laravel and each tenant has its own database. In total, we have about 300 of them.