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    We're looking for a freelancer to implement a tool that implements subscription payment in a supported mailing, marketing campaign or website. How does it hula? We work 100% embedded finance-we enable you to "sew" a subscription into any sales offer. Our partner increases sales of their services/packages/products by selling with the price of a monthly payment rather than a large, one-time payment. The subscription model works great for selling more expensive items from your offerings, e.g. services, trainings, webinars - it allows you to increase conversions and loyal customers. Our process is simple, fast and is not based on complicated contracts or the need to wait a long time for a decision (as in the case of classic installments). Thanks to the fact that the customer does not incur any additional costs, he does not wait and does not face the fear of incurring debt by which he makes a faster decision on the purchase. We can take under our wings even 100% of those who want to make a purchase without having to pay the whole thing upfront - from 300 to 30,000 PLN, which we will break down into 3 to even 36 months.
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    Product labeling software
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    Good day, We will commission a program for product labeling
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    redi 5 deals
    Shoper store optimization
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    Hello, I will urgently commission optimization of shoper store: 1. create blog function, categories, distinguishing image, ALT description. 2. create gtld subdirectory function. Each language version the same look, with the possibility of manual translation, hreflangs. 3. site maps. 4. possibility to connect under GA, GSC. 5. improving parameters in pagespeed.web. Work from now on. Please contact me EXCLUSIVELY people who are able to prove the project quickly.
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    Kamil1989 1 deal
    Program-"database communication error".
    Proposed by freelancer
    The problem concerns the BusMAN program. The program copied from a business computer. On the private computer the program stops working after about a month. I do not have any codes for the program. Program copied on a "copy/paste" basis.
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    Creating an email template in shoper
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for someone to create an email template for us for shopera platform depending on the status of the order: - order receipt confirmation - shipping of the order - issuance of reviews - abandoned cart-no payment - cancelled order - return of the order In the attachment I send how I would like the email template to look like. The data is to be taken from the order.
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    helper 2 deals
    Order software to integrate Subiekt Nexo - WMS EasyStorage The program has to read Receipts/Invoices sold stationary in Nexo and based on that call the appropriate method in WMS EasyStorage system
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    Hi, I am looking for a consultant for a long term cooperation in implementing MS Lists, their automation and use of other MS tools. I prefer hourly billing and ad hoc appointments - meaning we see each other when there is a need. Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - a confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity Have a nice day Wojtek
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    Rafał 1 deal
    I will order the recovery of files from the .msr file created in the Samsung Secret Zone program. The file is password encrypted and most likely corrupted. Samsung, along with its USB G3 external drives, added Samsung Secret Zone software, where you could create a password-protected part of the drive of a selected size. The program created a file (hidden on the external drive) with a .msr extension and worked by mounting such an image in the Samsung Secret Zone software. In the system, after mounting, it displayed as another disk. I have a .msr file that I created and last used in 2017. Now with none of Samsung's programs I have no way to mount this image, most likely it is corrupted by manually changing the file extension in Windows or increasing the capacity of this partition in Samsung Secret Zone software while there were files on it. Please give me price quotes and a deadline for completion.
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    HalZero 4 deals
    We want to be able to interact with the API using Objects from within Windows Script Host. We do not want to communicate with the API directly from WSH, we are interested in creating a connector object (Class Library) and through it we retrieve / send data. What we have: - documentation for the API - DLL with DTOs for stanzas and queries to this API and interfaces (no patching) The structure of the soluuation: A) Mini Configurator for the service (one form with API address + Access Data) + run the program and fill in ++ API address ++ GUID for authorization in API ++ once provided, the program writes this data to the registry B) The system service that communicates with the API issues an IPC for the library + retrieves configuration data from the registry + connects to the API opens a session + maintains a session with the API + periodically retrieves data from the API (tbd) + receives requests from DLL wrapped in DTO and makes requests to API with data in JSON + returns data from the API to the DLL wrapped in a DTO ...and more
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    Wordpress developer / website fixes
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, Background: dev site is put on wordpress production is on static. Looking for someone who is able to help with the following: 1. redirects - unfortunately after flipping to static they don't work for unknown reasons. 2. problem with loading google sitemap 3. the current dev version is exposed to the public - it should be hidden 4. in addition, I have a list of things related to WCAG 2.1 compliance We don't expect a freelancer to be able to embrace everything, even help in some extent will be ok. I'd very much appreciate some information about the cost per hour.
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I will order the preparation of a script (python,php + Mysql), which will prepare(clean from html) descriptions for listing on Allegro ( via API)

The input is the description column, the script should save the "cleaned" descriptions in prepared_description.

From all the formatting are to remain only allowed on allegro 'h1', 'h2', 'p', 'ul', 'ol', 'li'. Of course, we also remove links, images, etc.

I would preferably use a proven solution. The determinant of the script's correctness is the Allegro validation for the product ({$auctionId}).

I'm providing the contractor with the tables in CSV/MySQL dump and would like to get a working script back - all the sandbox/testing/validation on the contractor's side :)

Required functions: