Re-creation or redesign of the stage technology website

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January Jacukowicz
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Job description

We would like to redesign the website . The site is currently slow, has a few basic widgets e.g. we would like the facebook connection via API to be nicer, colorfully fit into the site.

It is important to add a sub-page that is not there along with creating a form to collect data. A sales one pager that shows what we are doing along with an incentive to contact us.

We would like a more design-driven site with a "wow" effect, showing our realizations, capabilities, showcasing our work. We will change the content slightly with chatGPT.

We have most of the content ready and a great deal of photos.

Required features

one pager with form api with facebook

Preferable solution

WordPress can be as much as possible, but if you suggest some other solution then we would like to talk about the pros and cons. The plus side of wordpress is that we can operate it ourselves.