Programmer to execute query content automation application for translation (work on texts)

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I am looking for a programmer to develop in any technology an application to automate the content of queries for translation into one of the translators.

The application:

1. loads from a csv file the content prepared in the formula: line number and content of 1 sentence and a maximum of 2-3 sentences. Consecutive sentences in consecutive lines. One file is about 1000 -4000 lines.

2.The application analyzes the whole text and creates a list of used words in the text.

3.The application ranks all the words/phrases in the file according to the most frequent ones and gives a unique code to the word.

4.The application generates a csv file for translation with the following layout: word code, word, random sentence from the text in which the word was used, while the sentence can be used once; sentence code.

5 The application sends the file prepared in this way to one of the services for translation, i.e. it sends the word and sentence to be translated into the indicated language and saves the translated words and sentences. Then, it generates the texts in the arrangement of word, translated word, sentence, translated sentence. It generates a CSV file in this layout.

6. the contents are saved in the database

Required functions:

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