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    Design and programming of electronics
    Proposed by freelancer
    Technology: Atmega 2650 microcontroller, digital communication, SPI, USART, MODBUS, BT chip support, We are using an Atmega 2560 microcontroller in our device, and we would like to be able to connect the microcontroller via USART to the COM port of a Computer. Project: COM port connection under Atmega 2650 Please design a small board with a COM port that can be connected to the 4 lines of our microcontroller: RX, TX, RTS CTS
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    desineopl 7 deals
    Subiekt - Connection to API
    Proposed by freelancer
    Subiekt, Windows. I need to create a program that will allow, after providing a token during installation (and probably data to subiekt / database), to send data (name, sku (subiekt id), ean, price, special price, stock) to a given web address e.g.$token. The address will be fixed $token of course depending on the user. At initialisation, it sends all products (preferably in batches of 1000) and then only if any of the variables have changed. After a restart, the program should restart automatically. Please give me concrete prices and a lead time.
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    GRAF Serwis Roman Sznajder
    The subject of the assignment is to make a project (Professional type) in Advanced Installer to silently install SQL Server LocalDb 2014. The command line instructions are msiexec.exe /i SqlLocalDB64.msi /qn /le serverinstall.log InstanceName=SQLogicLocalDBExpress14 IACCEPTSQLLOCALDBLICENSETERMS=YES
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    Hi all. I need Odoo Full stack developer for ongoing projects. Duties: - Odoo new modules development - Customization of Odoo standard modules - Integration Odoo and other software - Odoo Themes Development Requirements: - Odoo experience for 4 years is mandatory - Knowledge of Odoo JavaScript is mandatory - Availability for 8 hrs per day, Poland time - English language writing / speaking is preferable.
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    We are looking for a specialist to implement MA system, specifically Klaviyo for Shopper, and prepare effective MA sequences (including emails and their content) for specific customer actions (abandoned cart sequence, do-sell and more). The person we are looking for should have knowledge and experience in automation marketing and the ability to adapt the strategy to our target audience.
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    KompSystem 6 deals
    I will order to write a program to change the entries in the generated xml file. This is a JPKv7M file. The file comes out of the warehouse program I have and after changes it is needed for another program. The order is a program that will take the data entered in it with amounts described as, for example, <K_42>2.50</K42> and move them to the field <K_43>2.50</K_43> and the field <K_42> will reset to zero. The exact parameters of the columns between which the data are to be transferred will be specified in the details of the order after selecting the bidder. The entire changed file is to be saved as an output .xml file The program must run on Windows 10/11.
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    DiW 4 deals
    Good day, I will be commissioning a program that will update approximately 3000 listings on to assign what the item fits to based on the OE part number. Only looking for someone who has performed such a service before. Regards
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    I'm looking for a programmer to write software that will automate the addition of auctions on the sellers portal. Sellers provides an XSD template for adding auctions. I have the product database as DB SQL or CSV.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order refactoring of GUI of ERP class application, source code in Delphi 10.2. Refactoring consists in transferring GUI code based on standard Delphi components to the GUI version of the Application designed according to the dedicated approach of the program developer
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    Kardo IT Leszek Sitarz
    I need to make a script in php Coinbase API only people with experience. The script is to download the currencies I have in my account.
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Job description

I am looking for a verbal and reliable programmer with knowledge of Prestashop, Baselinker to improve the store. I will be happy to provide more details if interested in the offer.

EMERGENCY TO REMOVE- ERROR during purchase with delivery IN POST

- purchase with parcel delivery

- customer selects parcel machine

- appears a message that does not allow to go further "Select parcel machine".


a) possibility to change the order of displaying products, e.g. change the product in the store from 5 items to 20 items

b) the ability to search/sort products by categories (applies to the back of the store)

c) rebuilding the menu- details to be determined

d) reviews- most likely to change those that are

- only for those who have made a purchase

- after the order comes an email with a request for an opinion, e.g. a link to the product and underneath add an opinion

- with the possibility of deletion

- after clicking on the stars show opinions

e) adding a button next to "add to cart" button "Express 1-3 days" underneath "+40zl" and "wrap as a gift" at the summary the ability to remove from the cart

... and more

Required functions: