Obtaining email addresses for the marketing department from a database of 500 companies

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    grucholl 5 deals
    I will outsource the input of various auto parts into a Prestashop store. I am looking for a person who has knowledge and experience of car parts and automotive and English language skills in this area. A person who knows the difference between a camshaft and a crankshaft or a stabilizer bar and a torque bar.... I have to introduce several hundred parts from the American market, which should be fully entered into the Prestashop store in Polish. I will provide part number, EAN code and product price. I will provide some catalogs where you can get information and pictures about the parts, but it may happen ( individual cases) that you will have to look for the information yourself. I ask in the offer to quote the price for running one item from the store.
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    301 redirects for pages with 404 errors
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    I would like to make a list of redirects for subpages with error 404 for neopak.pl and opako.com.pl GSC shows about 3.5 thousand subpages with 404 error for neopak.pl and about 2.5 thousand subpages with 404 error for opako.com.pl. Niestey GSC tool shows a list of first 1000 subpages in both cases I need access to a tool which will find more of those subpages I have lists of all subsites copied for neopak.pl and opako.com.pl, about 15 thousand each Matching can be done approximate to the most similar category or product with a similar name You can try to do it with scripts in Excell or Python or other programming ways Please make an offer for both sides
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    Tomek_G 4 deals
    Downloading records from the site
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the downloading of data from the website https://kidp.pl/wyszukaj-doradce-podatkowego and sub-pages containing: name, surname, phone, address, email, entry number. The data must be saved in excel. Please ask for a quote for the whole thing.
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pozyskiwanie klientów
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Job description

I have a meringue of 500 large stores and brands.

I am looking for a person who can find an email address for the marketing or b2b department on the store/brand's website.

I am asking for a quote for the entire database of 500 pages.

The job in figures:

The issue concerns research of a database of 500 websites.