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    Automation script developer for AI
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    We are looking for an experienced contractor who will be responsible for creating a script for artificial intelligence to automate the process of publishing press news received by email on our news portal running on WordPress environment. Scope: - Development and implementation of AI script for automatic processing of press news received by email. - Automatic formatting of content according to the guidelines of our portal. - Integration of the script with WordPress to automatically publish news. - Automatic addition of images included in emails to news stories. - Ensuring compliance of the content with accepted standards and editorial rules. - Testing and optimization of the created solution to ensure its efficiency and reliability. - Documentation of code and automation processes.
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    Arnold Buzdygan
    API to allegro at LAMINAS
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    CLI application in LAMINAS that changes inventory and product price in Allegro. The php version on the server is 8.2.13 In your offer please write about your experience in LAMINAS framework
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    The task is to write a script in node.js (preferred), php or python, running in a windows environment (10 and 11), that will:: -read a configuration txt file from disk, -connect to an existing remote MySQL database, -open web links downloaded from the database in the Chrome browser -search in the content of the opened page for links that meet the previously set criteria (containing the specified phrase) -save the found *links* in the database A precise description of the script's operation and the structure of the database tables is already prepared.
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    FoxAgency 7 deals
    I am looking for an experienced programmer to develop an ordering system for a standalone hotel in Laravel and MySQL technology, with integration of PayU payment gateway. Requirements: Reservation system: Ability to book a room or cottage for a specific day. 5 standard type rooms 6 rooms of exclusive type Order process: Product selection (room or cottage) Entering the data for the order Payment via PayU gateway Action after positive payment: sending "Hello World" message to customer's email and reducing the number of available pieces on the product PayU payment gateway integration: the system is to be customized to run in sandbox mode and in a production version, controlled via .env file. No appearance requirements: The most important thing is the correct operation of the booking and payment process, the appearance of the interface is not a priority. Additional information: Please send me a portfolio and a quote proposal for the job. Experience with Laravel, MySQL and payment gateway integration is welcome.
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    AutorunSC 6 deals
    The code is short, it is an ad search engine, the supposed cause is JS not working properly (e.g. dropdown lists not working).
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    An accounting firm will commission a portal/service for invoicing and cost accounting. In fact, there is already a portal that has such functionality i.e. Fakturowo but no integration with Comarch Optima and two alerts about approaching revenue thresholds. I would very much appreciate an analysis of the functionality of the Fakturowo portal and a quote plus two alerts about exceeding revenue thresholds and integration with Comarch Optima .
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    Akalawi 1 deal
    The order includes the development of an Android application that will enable a customer interview and integration with the camera of a mobile device to record video. The app should be intuitive, provide high quality recording, and allow for easy storage and processing of the collected data. It is also crucial that the interface be user-friendly and that the interview process be smooth and seamless.
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    Michał Szczechowicz 2 deals
    Hey! I am looking for a developer to implement an MVP or overall project centered around communities. Core of the project quite simple - directory for products, feedback system, blog. Of the more advanced modules, among others, creating an account, adding products, managing products. Backend and frontend any, but at this point I am considering MVP on wordpress. To consider a project in no-code such as Webflow (here, however, knowledge of building custom modules is required). If interested, I will be happy to present the details of the project, and a prepared preview landing page. I am keen on a smooth implementation of MVP, which will allow to validate the idea. You are welcome!
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    Predence 60 deals
    Paid Wordpress registration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello! We are looking for a contractor to do a simple registration in wordpress. The user can create a free account, complete the profile and buy the highlight/verification options for a fixed amount.... Payment by wire transfer any gateway.
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    Studio 4 deals
    Service on a similar basis TripAdvisor
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello .I plan to create a website dedicated to the accessibility of buildings and public spaces for people with disabilities. The goal of the project is to make it easier for people with disabilities to find places adapted to their needs and to allow them to share reviews and opinions about the accessibility of these places. It would be a highly simplified version of TripAdvisor. The project will be implemented at the Business Incubator. Scope of the Project: 1. Home page: Intuitive and friendly navigation. 2. Places database: Ability to search for places with filtering by type of amenities, location, etc. 3. Rating and Review System: Users can rate and review places. Residual rating system on various facilities. 4 Interactive map: Map with marked places accessible to people with disabilities. and more Please provide me with an estimate including all costs associated with the project, including any fees for licenses, hosting, maintenance, etc., as well as information on the support offered and maintenance of the site after launch.
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The scope of the order is to create an MVP of a website that allows a logged-in person to enter their own data visible to them every time they log in. The service consists of a home page on which are placed hundreds of book titles sorted thematically, after clicking on a given title it takes us to the so-called book card on which publicly available notes related to the book are visible. To these notes the user can add his own, so that, for example, a few years after reading the book he can quickly recall his main thoughts related to the book that he had while reading it. The user can also add books to his virtual bookshelf in order to control the titles he has read and easily return to them.

From a technical point of view, the service consists of hundreds of book pages, which are the same sub-pages, with different data, but their functionality is the same. More in the attachment.

The order includes graphic design, UX mockups, Figma templates and the eventual execution of a fully functional MVP allowing for user testing and drawing conclusions about what needs to be changed/improved in terms of graphics, UX and overall CX.

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