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In the purchased skin, we need to modify the appearance of several elements

- login / registration / purchase without creating an account

- changing the appearance of a few steps in the basket.


The store where the purchased skin is placed is:

In the login_rejestracja_aktualnie.png file, a screenshot is shown as it looks like now. Based on accordion - we want to change it to such as login_rejestracja_mod.JPG

The graphic design lacks the data required by prestashop, first name, and last name.

Generally, there should be no accordion, but there will be three blocks in which there will be the option to log in, the ability to register by filling out the form, and the option to click buy without registration, which will redirect us to a form similar to registration.

After going further, we go to the addresses at the top, we have navigation which is also active

Only the steps may be like in prestashop, that is

Cart - personal data - addresses - delivery method - payment method. At the bottom of the buttons (number of the next step, e.g. step 2) and go back

For now, the appearance of the subpages remains as it is (it is important that there is no accordion as it is now, but each page opened completely at the bottom only with top and bottom navigation (buttons step number and back)

For now, it is only about this login / registration page. I suppose it will not be just a modification of the appearance.

Required functions:

- appearance consistent with the graphic design of the relevant elements

Template / individual design:

Flavoro template -

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