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    AMBIENT 2 deals
    I am urgently looking for a person to take 15 packshots of products in a 60 ml bottle with a changing label.
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    Maja Z.
    Animation of the finished logo
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for an animator to undertake the animation of the logo of a start-up company (logo preview attached). It has to be something, short, but modern. It doesn't have to be very advanced, it's important that it catches the eye. Please let me know the rate for the assignment, portfolio and possibly a description of the proposal. Please indicate if it is possible to receive files of the project.
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    We are looking for someone to create a simple filter for Instagram. We have already created the background (2D animation - loop - flying balloon). We have added the appropriate layer to Spark AR Studio. The task involves adjusting and optimizing the display of the face so that the filter is compatible with mobile devices. The face should be displayed in the basket of the balloon. Preview screen attached to the offer.
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    MTS Matysiak
    Animation in After effect plots
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a 15-second drone video and I need an animation of the plot (client video example attached and current video from which the subdivisions need to be made and trees added. I need the material by Monday/Tuesday.
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    I am looking for a painter to make a copy of Granville Redmond's painting of poppies (photos of his paintings are on the commons at wikipedia) and make a time-lapse video while painting. In this style https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc7_fLuEjxY&pp=ygUTbG9keiBnaGV0dG8gbHVsbGFieQ%3D%3D I don't need the painting itself (so it can be small), but I need more pictures to make a time-lapse movie from. I need it for a theatrical production. The pictures can be taken with a phone. The choice of image itself is not that important. Perhaps there are computer techniques in adobe after effects that also allow you to make such an animation? Peter
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    3D animation lasting 3.5 minutes
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for an animator who will make me a 3D animation similar to this video in the link below. It is to depict characters similar to those in real life. Please feel free to contact me. Link- https://youtu.be/3_Xwnr1mfus?si=s3Vuq1pO2AqgjTYI
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    BruceK2005 1 deal
    The order is to create a 2d animation of explainer video type based on the script and recorded voiceover. The animation is about fire training. Duration of the training planned for a maximum of 90 minutes. Preferably (to be negotiated) creating business friendly animations on the vyound.com platform. Animations created on the account purchased by the client, so after the completion of the order there are ready result animations and projects on the vyound.com account. To determine the number of created main characters and their appearance (no more than 3). Animations are to be mostly based on "talking head" (vyound.com automaton) with changing scenery + board type interludes and animation of written text.
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I am looking for someone who can make a design like the one attached. I would like to have an HD version and the ability to change colors.

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short animation 3-5 sec. HD animation

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