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    Announcement system
    Proposed by freelancer
    Detailed description of the system attached
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    MKING 1 deal
    Good day, we have Stripe payments in our service. We need you to create custom fields for our payment service. We want the customer to choose at the beginning whether they are buying as an individual or not. If as a company, it displays an additional field with the entry of the VAT number. Sample format - template in the attachment. Documentation https://docs.stripe.com/payments/checkout/custom-fields
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    Hello, The script is to be embedded in a subpage of a website. JS/JQ/HTML5 technology. Guidelines for the game: 1. press the draw password button. 2. A hidden password is shown underneath it says what category of password. 3. we spin the wheel - on the wheel punch values + bankrupt + loss of turn. 4. if we hit a point value, we choose a consonant / vowel and if it is we discover it in the password. We add points to the overall score. 5. if bankrupt we lose all points. 4. losing a turn - it is known, the player has 3 "lives" in the game. When we lose a turn then we lose a life. 5.When the selected letter is not in the password we also lose life. 6.After losing the 3rd life, the game ends and the result is recorded in the score list. 7. after guessing the password, the player gets 1000 points as a reward and we move on to the next password or the game can be ended. Deadline for completion: 7 days
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    Thermal conductivity calculator for building partitions, horizontal and vertical. After entering several required parameters, we get the result. The calculation and result can be downloaded as a pdf attachment.
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    Good day, We are looking for a permanent cooperation: Frontend developer with a sense of aesthetics. We post a static website that needs constant updates and changes (eventually we will move to some cms or micro-portal). We would like to get a proven professional who can find 1 h in a day for a quick fix or update and a few h once a week for major changes to the site. Our website www.willbud.pl is static (js, react), has no graphic designs (!) and therefore we need a person who has a sense of aesthetics and will be able to fit into the current style and propose solutions that fit. We care about accuracy, punctuality, sense of aesthetics. We count on offers with an hourly rate and examples of implementation.
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    a-unknown 6 deals
    Python - saleor - amqp
    Proposed by freelancer
    Commission to prepare a store based on Saleor. Premise: - we choose a list of products - the list of products goes to amqp for execution - amqp confirms the list of products and returns a link to payment - amqp rejects the list of products - out of stock - user gets a return For pricing only Saleor layer, example front end (react or angular). Requesting the duration of the implementation of such an application and the price.
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    sostas 35 deals
    Website optimization
    350.00 PLN
    I am looking for a webmaster experienced in running a website in Wordpress. Please give me the total cost of the following, not a rate per hour of work. The following corrections will be to be made. Urgent matter. 1. update all used plugins and themes. 2. ajax ratio is at a very high level (14%). W site, HeartbeatAPI should be verified and preferably disabled. 3. cron task rate is also at a higher level (15%). Suggestion to move these tasks from wp-cron to system cron. 4. There is also saturation of descendant processes on the server, which cause service outages. The reason for saturation may be the factors mentioned above (cron, HeartbeatAPI). It will be crucial to disable HeartbeatAPI. 5.There are 47 plugins installed on the site. Verify that all of them are needed.
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    I will outsource the conversion of a website template from Adobe XD (desktop only) preferably to HTML with the latest bootstrap - or something else similar, to be determined, Used less/sass is welcome, but not required. The project includes about 9 sub-pages (head page, listing, form (ostylated components needed), comparison site, offer, reviews, 2 other simple sub-pages). It would be nice if there was a "logical" rwd, as far as I know RWD was not designed in Adobe XD. Doesn't have to be pixel perfect, it's about just redesigning the basics of the template. Project needed by March 10.
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    neopak 392 deals
    Online wizard for e-commerce packaging
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a wizard for ordering and designing e-commerce personalized packaging along the lines of https://tiny.pl/dqhrx https://tiny.pl/dqh9t The customer should be able to choose the type of packaging, size, color, edition and possibly design
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    galeriadruku.com.pl 15 deals
    I have been running a store based on my own code for 8 years, so far the author of the code has been in charge of its maintenance and development, but for personal reasons he can no longer continue to work with me, so I am looking for a new person. I care about PHP, HTML, CSS, JS experience. Currently we have to implement a new layout of the store which we have designed in figma. I am interested in long-term cooperation - not for one order. Please give me an initial price range per man-hour
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I am looking for a person who knows JS well and has the time to modify the script for me.