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    kszymczak.rentumi 1 deal
    Projekt Mapa Świata - ściana
    Proposed by freelancer
    Dzień dobry! Poszukujemy odpowiedzialnego grafika do stworzenia mapy świata, która będzie zamieszczona na ścianie hostelu z dodatkowymi informacjami. Jest to proste zadanie jednakże oczekujemy otwartości na nasz "małe zachcianki" również zrozumienia.
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    Logo dla sklepu odzieżowego
    Proposed by freelancer
    Witam, Zlecimy rebranding aktualnego logo widocznego w załączniku. Wytyczne co do nowego logo. nazwa na logo: tifo lub tifo24, kolor dominujący: czarny nowe logo musi w minimalnym stopniu nawiązywac do aktualnego logo- najłatwiej będzie literkę "O" skojarzyć z guzikiem w innym kolorze (szerwony, pomarańczowy) Czcionka: w zasadzie dowolna, czytelna ale z naciskiem na czcionkę Loew Black
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    Luxwiev 3 deals
    Need ready visualizations about 1000pcs interior design photo wallpapers Photo database from our account
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    Dominik998 12 deals
    Graphic designer to do website designs
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi. I'm looking for a graphic designer to do graphic design for firefighter industry websites. We care about a person who can boast a modern portfolio. The design should be done in figma or adobe xd.
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    Bartłomiej Wojtasiński
    Hey. I am looking for a graphic designer for my client to do a medical industry website design. We care about a professional who can boast a modern portfolio. The project should be prepared in figma or adobe xd.
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    Digital presentation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person who will make a presentation on the beauty industry. Materials on our side.
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    Jakub Michalik - pyq.pl 4 deals
    Hello! I'm looking for a clever graphic designer to design a home page/product view of an online store for a manufacturer of two products that are chemical products used in welding. The idea is that the page should be kept in the colors contained in the logo: https://topnik.pl/ and the design should be done aesthetically in a modern style. We also need to design a view of the "blog" subpage - i.e. using header and footer + designing the view of the entry and the archive/list of entries. I am open to suggestions as to how the website should look like, but it would be good if it referred stylistically to the parent company's website - https://styl-projekt.pl/ Design in Figma or Adobe Xd.
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    I would like to find someone who can design a logo for my company, plus a visual identity for a beauty brand. The brand is to be associated with nature, feminine power, also with luxury, peace and confidence. The brand is focused on improving not only beauty, but also to give women strength and empowerment. When you do facial yoga it is a time meant just for you, for your relaxation. It would be nice if the person can also do animations to make an intro for YT, but it is not mandatory.
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    Pitch Deck for a web app project
    Proposed by freelancer
    What is the project ? Matchmaking platform between students and companies. The platform enables companies to find the best fit students for internships while also creating more visibility and attractivity for firms. On the other side, the platform will simplify greatly the internship application process for students and will offer them a lot of internship opportunities in many different sectors and companies they probably might not have thought about earlier All internship process will go through this platform which will simplify the recruiting experience for firms and simplify the application experience for students
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    Domodes 3 deals
    I will order sliders for domodes.pl website. Format ultralight .webp. Size: 1600x578 pixels. Advertising product groups. Guidelines: https://www.shopgadget.pl/shoper/multi-slider Size: 291.5x290 pixels. Applies to image categories in the domodes.pl store - main categories. Guidelines: https://www.shopgadget.pl/shoper/kategorie-obrazkowe Size: 129.6x129.6 pixels, applies to subcategories. Guidelines as above. Possible "patterns" lampy.pl, mlamp.pl
Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:

150.00 PLN

Job description

I am looking for a graphic designer to design 2 jigsaw puzzle boxes for a printing house.

I have received the files, but I need someone to properly arrange the photo and the rest of the relevant information on it.

The project contains front, back and side of the box (25x25x4cm) and puzzle itself (61x45,7cm) (which is just to drag a photo to the .ai file I received).

Type and number of projects:

2 separate projects for front/back and sides of a box.

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