iOS/Android social app

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Mobile apps
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Job description

Looking for someone to create an app used to find sport partners nearby. Additionally, it should allow to book sports facilities.

Required functions:

Mobile app

Operating system:

iOS and android

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    I will commission to write an application in Flutter technology. In the requirements contact with REST API and downloading content. The topic quite urgent, the application needed by the end of February.
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    We have 2 applications that require package updates and system version upgrades.
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    TETEL 2 deals
    I am looking for a contractor to create a mobile application for archiving photos by selected categories. Photos uploaded to an external server. The photo must store geotag data and additional data by selected categories. In the attached file a sample view of the application.
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    Hello, I have two applications (source codes) need to be properly plugged into an existing website. Optimize as much as possible. So that the applications were ready to be uploaded to the ios store and android playstore. For lack of time I am not able to do this. For interested person possible cooperation in the further stages of development of the application, full documentation available.
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    Application for local news portal to display information and insert promotions
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    Hello, I am looking for a person/people to make a mobile application for ANDROID and iOS. The app is to look like the attached file. The functions the application is to have is reading NFC TAGS . After scanning an NFC tag in the app, the ability to add a particular item to a particular clothing catalog. The app is to save previously added items. I would need to build a database for the application in which after adding a file ( jpg photos), I could program the nfc tags myself. Longer cooperation possible.
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    I will commission the development of a mobile application for a gardening company operating locally. Currently there is a simple app built by Wix system but I am looking for something more personalized. Required options in available in the application: list of services with the ability to order and pay directly through the application online payment user verification customer panel with assigned orders, work progress, etc. Loyalty discounts and discounts for new user referrals Synchronization of data from the application with the administration panel clearly visible to company employees, allowing the creation of a work schedule and a week for company employees.
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    Development of a mobile application
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    To create a mobile app with a training database and the ability to enter results after each workout and keep overall statistics (after an individual workout and total on an exercise, in total). The app is to have capabilities such as creating your own profile, access to the exercise database, access to ready-made workout plans, and the ability to create your own from ready-made exercises in the app. Each exercise would have a description plus a photo. It would be intended to be divided into a free part with limited functionality as well as premium content after purchasing a subscription.