Integrating the React frontend with the backend

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    An accounting firm will commission a portal/service for invoicing and cost accounting. In fact, there is already a portal that has such functionality i.e. Fakturowo but no integration with Comarch Optima and two alerts about approaching revenue thresholds. I would very much appreciate an analysis of the functionality of the Fakturowo portal and a quote plus two alerts about exceeding revenue thresholds and integration with Comarch Optima .
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    Akalawi 1 deal
    The order includes the development of an Android application that will enable a customer interview and integration with the camera of a mobile device to record video. The app should be intuitive, provide high quality recording, and allow for easy storage and processing of the collected data. It is also crucial that the interface be user-friendly and that the interview process be smooth and seamless.
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    Michał Szczechowicz 2 deals
    Hey! I am looking for a developer to implement an MVP or overall project centered around communities. Core of the project quite simple - directory for products, feedback system, blog. Of the more advanced modules, among others, creating an account, adding products, managing products. Backend and frontend any, but at this point I am considering MVP on wordpress. To consider a project in no-code such as Webflow (here, however, knowledge of building custom modules is required). If interested, I will be happy to present the details of the project, and a prepared preview landing page. I am keen on a smooth implementation of MVP, which will allow to validate the idea. You are welcome!
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    Predence 60 deals
    Paid Wordpress registration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello! We are looking for a contractor to do a simple registration in wordpress. The user can create a free account, complete the profile and buy the highlight/verification options for a fixed amount.... Payment by wire transfer any gateway.
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    Studio 4 deals
    Service on a similar basis TripAdvisor
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello .I plan to create a website dedicated to the accessibility of buildings and public spaces for people with disabilities. The goal of the project is to make it easier for people with disabilities to find places adapted to their needs and to allow them to share reviews and opinions about the accessibility of these places. It would be a highly simplified version of TripAdvisor. The project will be implemented at the Business Incubator. Scope of the Project: 1. Home page: Intuitive and friendly navigation. 2. Places database: Ability to search for places with filtering by type of amenities, location, etc. 3. Rating and Review System: Users can rate and review places. Residual rating system on various facilities. 4 Interactive map: Map with marked places accessible to people with disabilities. and more Please provide me with an estimate including all costs associated with the project, including any fees for licenses, hosting, maintenance, etc., as well as information on the support offered and maintenance of the site after launch.
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    Cenus 2 deals
    The order includes the development of a multilingual business directory (a social platform for business) in Node.js, React and PostgressSQL database technologies The basic features of the directory include: 1. graphic template (it is already made in you just need to connect). 2. SEO option the system must be well indexed by search engines, all SEO tags such as 3. chat messenger and video chat, you can use Webrtc. 4. a user panel in which all the functionalities to which the user is to have access will be embedded. 5. An affiliate program along with a social media invitation option. 6. wallet option that allows you to recharge funds. 7. subscription system enabling the user to use additional functions of the system in exchange for payment. 8. advertising system that allows users to place advertisements. 9. comment system which allows users to comment on companies. 10. NEWS system and tracking user news. 11. social media options ( observers, likes) 12. administrator panel enabling full control over the system
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    Edarg 11 deals
    I will order scrapping from the site, Data would be downloaded periodically once a week. The number of records about 20 thousand. For those familiar with the subject because of cloudflare, IP verification, traffic filtering and maybe something else but this already needs to be checked.
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    MarketingManager 1 deal
    I am looking for someone to help carry out the implementation of application. The implementation should include any blog, e-commerce store and the largest Polish marketpleace. I think we can embrace such implementation in about 2-4h. We can do it online. Requesting a rate per rbh. Please only people with experience should apply.
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    remel 12 deals
    Prestashop optimization
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the optimization of a prestashop store created. Possibility of permanent cooperation in the development of modules and functionality.
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    Byrdowski 1 deal
    To be made is a system for the company from handling sales. A simple system that will allow external stores to connect to our CRM system transferring acquired leads (customers), the system itself is primarily to allow: - Queuing of leads, - Courier shipping stages, - Order status. We will discuss the details in detail on priv. Need a person who will take care of the frontend preferably (React) and backend python. Of course, there can also be two separate people for backend and frontend. CRM system very simple, possible further development and long-term cooperation. If someone is willing we have the possibility of long-term cooperation on many similar projects. We are looking for a person with at least 3 years of experience in the languages in question. The fork rate between 70 - 140 / h. Translated with (free version)
Foton Solutions
Foton Solutions
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The order consists of frontend work on an ad portal:

1. integration of map (leaflet) in 2-3 views

2. integration of the frontend with the backend

- login and registration, password reminder (java keycloak on the backend)

- adding, deleting, downloading ad data

- user account, change data, password, history of added ads

Backend exposed with documentation in swagger and keycloak for registration/login.