I will order to write a script al Automater.pl

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Desktop/web applications
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3000.00 PLN

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I will commission to write a script mainly a service panel similar to automater.pl

1. user panel:

a. login, registration, password reminder, account activation

b. adding products ( price, description, logo)

c. code base, code base, adding a new base ( single code, multiple codes ) checking if there is no similar code in the base

d. cooperation with payment services under which the user plugs himself, cashbill, payu, stripe, przelewy24, TPay, PayPal

e. List of transactions, transaction search engine ( and there, information about the purchase, client data, whether the codes were sent to email, whether the purchase was completed )

f. integration with allegro, downloading from allego auctions, pinning products to auctions.

g. purchase of tokens ( user buys tokens and exchanges them for quick sending of codes to email ) user without tokens sends an email to the customer in X h ( to be set in the admin panel.

h. Ticket system with administration.

2. admin panel:

a. user browsing ( editing, deleting )

b. price list ( i.e. how many tokens for X zloty )

c. settings ( title, pages, SMTP, email, etc. ).

d. list of transactions, search for transactions.

e. notifications, ticket system with users.

f. payment system, customers will buy tokens using, stripe, tpay or przelewy24

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