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    Preparation of 2 databases of general contacts by active social media channels, email, city, general profile statistics. Both up to 100 contacts in total. Please ask for an estimated budget and description of experience :)
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    I need an excel magician! :) The file has 7 columns per 30 cells. I am anxious to be able to illustrate/present to the client the changes in the numbers over the years via the Dashboard in Excel. For someone who has been doing this -> this assignment may be trivial :) For an additional fee, we can catch up with the graphics layer, but this is secondary. I attach a screenshot of the work of "Michal Kowalczyk - Excellent Work", who publishes Excel tutorial videos on YT.
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I ask for a quote for the preparation of Excell sheet calculating the selling price of the product on the portal "allegro" according to the given criteria, ie.

-net / gross purchase / shipping smart (related to the tables with surcharges for packages) if "not smart" then the value from the table of delivery costs , category commission , distinction , distinction fee , allero pay, net sales , gross sales , margin, mark-up - and all these data expressed in percentages. After entering the amount of sales must check the range in which I am in when it comes to the amount of surcharges (for example, from 40 to 49.99 is 1.49 PLN , 49.99-59.99 is already 1,,89) show the variants if the customer buys "with smart" and when he buys without smart and COD is 17 PLN which is added to the final commission)

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