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    Development of a web application
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who can create a web application that will be used to check indexed links in Google with the following solutions: - Home page - Login/Registration - The administration page of the application after login should have such options as Side Menu: Projects, Purchase points, Invoices, Help - The top bar should have information like: Number of credits for the account, Purchase of points, Profile and Logout - When it comes to projects the table should have columns ie: Project name, Number of links, Links indexed, Links not indexed, Pending, Date of creation, Date of last check, Status (in progress and finished depending on the activity), Options (Edit, Delete, Check again, etc.). - When you enter a project, it should display a table with links added and similar columns as for projects - Ability to generate FV - Payments (here there will still be a choice because it will probably be a soft for foreign market) - Backend for admin where you will be able to set everything i.e. proxy lists and manage the application I have proxy servers in large quantities. Please let me know the price for such an order and the technology in which it can be done.
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    Baselinker setup and training
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to set Baselinker parameters to work and conduct training
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    Jakub Chodakowski 3 deals
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have an excel file, I want to make it available to a large number of people but in such a way that when they click on the link it creates a copy of the file that only they will have access to and can edit the file for themselves.
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    Jacek Kwaśniak
    Configuration of in the areas of: - crm, - tasks, projects, - HR, - budgeting, - marketing,2
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    Good day, we would like to make a website/web application that would work analogously to the video below: The user scans the QR code, a page opens for him. He hovers his phone over a graphic, in our case it would be a country flag which triggers an animation in AR.
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    Php Classroom Integration with KSEF
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person to write an API access class to KSEF for my system
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    I am trying to improve the way children are taught, focusing on improving one of the most important factors for success in learning (even more important than IQ) - metacognition. I am looking for a programmer to complete the development of a simple web-based study tool (with gamification). Familiarity with Prismic and Firebase is required. The tool consists of 5 surveys supplemented with attractive graphics, making it easy and attractive for children. All the questions, all the graphics and part of the website are ready. The programmer gave up and I need someone to help finish or rewrite the code.
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    dobro8812 1 deal
    Laravel-based web application that will support inventory. Using the camera on the phone or a code reader hooked up to the computer, it will read barcodes and write them to the database.
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    Dominik Sz
    Training studio software.
    6000.00 PLN
    I need someone who will be able to realize a web application to operate a training studio. The whole thing is to be based on an editable database which must contain such data as: date of birth/name/number tel/date of joining/status/date of first workout/date of last workout/date of last workout/type of membership assigned/date of end of membership/trainer who takes care of the client's data/ and a simple log of events where you will be able to pin a short note to the client with date etc. and now the most important thing is to be able to assign cyclic events to the client (it's about training), for example, Janek training 3/10 and it is very important that it can be exported to the goggle calendar. or to an internal calendar to which trainers will have access ( each will see only their clients) If in all this there is an option for statistics such as number of entries, revenue per client/total number of entries/amount of workouts done/amount of cancellations/per month/week or trainer it would be perfect. Implementation time max one month.
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    Cenus 1 deal
    The order includes the development of a multilingual business directory (a social platform for business) in Node.js, React and PostgressSQL database technologies The basic features of the directory include: 1. graphic template (it is already made in you just need to connect). 2. SEO option the system must be well indexed by search engines, all SEO tags such as 3. chat messenger and video chat, you can use Webrtc. 4. a user panel in which all the functionalities to which the user is to have access will be embedded. 5. An affiliate program along with a social media invitation option. 6. wallet option that allows you to recharge funds. 7. subscription system enabling the user to use additional functions of the system in exchange for payment. 8. advertising system that allows users to place advertisements. 9. comment system which allows users to comment on companies. 10. NEWS system and tracking user news. 11. social media options ( observers, likes) 12. administrator panel enabling full control over the system
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Job description

I will commission the design and coding of Gmail footer:

- email we support web-based at,

- footer must be compatible with gmail restrictions, tested and ready to paste,

- 1 footer design + customization (name, surname, photo) for 12 emails.

Please let me know the price for the order and the completion time.