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3D graphics
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To create a slightly different than the basic gua sha stone for 3d printing.

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1 3d design

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    Hello I am looking for someone to make realistic 3 d renders (something like this with emphasis on specific and detailed tile. 1 tile on some nice house with some surrounding trees etc (something like here I need 4 renders on the roof from different angles i.e. 4 images preferably in 4k quality.
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    websystems 119 deals
    Creation of a banner ad for the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am requesting a quote to create a banner ad based on the one in the attachment. I am interested in creating a banner for the protocol. In size 1600px wide, height from 700-900px. In case of interesting work - possible further orders from next week.
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    Design and assistance in Davinci
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I'd like to start a new soccer project and I'm looking for a person to create for me 2-3 graphics in Davinci program, a model of a soccer field and an animation illustrating the movement of soccer players on the field. I would like to be able to access the created graphics and animations for the reason that in my next videos I intend to use these animations only in a different configuration. Therefore, in addition to the realization of the task itself, consultation after the finished project would be required. If anyone would like to undertake this task I invite you to contact me.
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    Hello. I am looking for a graphic designer working in Adobe Substance 3D Designer. I would like to commission the preparation of industrial designs. If you are interested, please contact me.
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    Magda Dąbrowska
    toucan in 3D - design and animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I need to design a toucan in 3D :) Ideally, I would like it to look exactly like (in terms of color and texture quality) the one you see on the website header: I would like to use it, among other things: - on the website: replace the one in 3D, the one that is there now - in promotional videos - in power point presentations The toucan should have 3 poses: - flight with flapping wings as in the overview photo - sitting and flapping its wings - opening its beak during flight I would like to receive production files, with copyright transfer to the company. I would like to be able to open them in Blender. The animated model should be exported: - to .glb (~6mb) - Hi-res/Hi-quality .jpg/.png/. - .png spreadsheets render for website in 1080 x 1080 - as a movie in mp4 What would be the cost of such an order and deadline?
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    We will establish a long-term cooperation with a 3d graphic designer - preparation of 3d designs of POS materials (displays, racks, trays, etc.).
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    Zleceniodawca 5 deals
    Execution of arrangements, spars
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person, To make arrangements, make spars, 3d arrangements 1. cut on a white background - not from photoroom - with appropriate shadows 2. arrangement of a given model - What matters to us is that the end result is as close as possible to the photo and the arrangement itself is chosen with taste matching the style of our furniture. 3. possible - 3D arrangement If you have any questions, I am at your disposal. Please send me your works.
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    Room visualization
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a realistic render of a room. I have 3D models of all the furniture. There will be one shot to be made.
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    Łukasz Michalczuk
    3D printable statuette design
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for someone to make a design and a model of a statue, based on images generated by AI for 3D printing. Please send me an initial quote for the service and a portfolio.
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    We are creating a video for a client in the construction and IT industry. There are 6 moments in the video where animation is to appear. From the freelancer we need - propose a visual solution for the animation, based on the "production design" document - the ability to track shots so as to "attach" animation to moving elements - propose soundtrack to the animation