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The task involves copying data from the website into the appropriate pre-prepared columns in a spreadsheet.

The data relates to comic books in the Donald Duck series and related titles, and are: writer, cartoonist, cover artist, inker, colorist, translator, appearing characters and titles of stories included in a given issue.

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There are eight columns to complete (three of which are rather sporadic, as there is little data) in more than 1,400 rows, categorized as follows: Donald Duck - 984 lines Comic Giant - 52 lines Giant Recommends - 257 poems Mega Giga - 61 poems Giant Mammoth - 40 poems Giant Recommends Extra - 19 poems You can bid for specific titles from the list above, or you can bid for the whole list. The deadline is the end of March 2024. Attached are screenshots of an example of a page with data and a completed poem based on it.