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    sYhi Digital 7 deals
    Backend Developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for people for permanent cooperation 1-3 projects per month. Please apply Freelancers, I'm looking for someone for permanent cooperation, so agencies are not necessary for me. Agency sYhi Digital specializes in digital transformation for businesses. We help make millions easier for our clients through digitization. We offer consulting, create ecosystems of tools that work for the company and design websites with a strong focus on UX and sales goals. Responsibilities: - Implementation and configuration of Workflow or CRM systems according to project requirements. - Migration of data between systems. - Configuration and customization of applications such as,, ClickUp, and Linear. - Design and implementation of automation of internal processes. - Developing and maintaining API and webhook integrations with external tools. - Working with tools such as or Zapier. - Implementing solutions and training user teams. - Creating online forms and integrating them with websites. - Working with the team to create design proposals and cost estimates.
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    Qmatch Consulting 1 deal
    I am looking for support in creating a billing automation for a company, based on Office365. The automation will consist of: - XLSX files link to each other - a database in XLSX (master) was created - a simple place for the admin to manage the content displayed in a given employee's XLSX was created - access management (a given person has access to a given file) - login via SSO 365 We have a similar solution being worked out for Google Workspace architecture, we are looking for a partner who has experience in MS architecture. We prefer to work with an experienced freelance than with a software house. Next steps: - familiarization conversation - definition of scope - pricing
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    Internet Stars Agency 3 deals
    PHP Programming
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to work remotely as a "PHP Programmer", availability of 80-120h per month. Required skills: - PHP - Laravel - Symfony - MYSQL - GIT - English at a communicative level Additionally, welcome: - JavaScript - Python or Angular Please send information about your experience as a programmer and 1-2 completed projects Please indicate the rate for 80h of work.
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    Bot issuing orders on MEXC exchange
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I need a bot that will issue orders for me on the Mexc exchange on the ETH-USDT pair. At the beginning, the bot should ask me about the price of ETH we are targeting and the amount of ETH. As an example. I give it a price of $4000 - 1 ETH. At this point, the bot should issue a stop-limit order, which when the ETH price is $4000 will offer $3999.99. After completing this order, it should immediately issue a stop-limit sale bid, when the price is $4000 it will demand $4000.01. That is, when bidding to buy we subtract 1 cent from our price we give it at the beginning, when bidding to sell we add one cent. The bot should run like this over and over again buy/sell until I stop it - then it should cancel all active orders.
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    FXL Sp. z o.o. 8 deals
    PHP programmer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for someone to work remotely as a PHP developer available for approximately 45-70h per month. Required skills: - PHP - MYSQL Additionally, welcome: - Ajax The first order consists of an update of an already existing PHP software, the work on the update should not exceed 20 hours. Please let us know how long you have been programming PHP and what Projects you have worked on before. Please also provide an hourly rate.
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    Poszukujemy specjalisty, który zajmie się połączeniem CRM Klaviyo z systemem SaaS jakim jest Shoper. Zależy mi na tym aby każda akcja użytkownika na stronie poprawnie zostawała zaczytywana do systemu Klaviyo.
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    I am looking for a person to implement a CRM a HUB SPOT a to start with one position with user training.
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    Good day, We are looking for a company(without intermediaries) to upgrade PrestaShop from version 1.6 to 8.1 We have a product data catalogue on PrestaShop, the sites themselves run on Wordpress. Feel free to contact us for more details.
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    Good day We are looking for a company to undertake the writing of a computer programme involving the design of non-standard windows. The programme is to consist of several modules: 1) Designing non-standard windows e.g. circles, arches, triangles etc. Create designs by drawing objects in autocad but in a very simplified form. Once the window has been designed, it should be possible to generate its quote, list of materials to be cut, order confirmation, delivery confirmation, WZ document. 2) Profile warehouse 3) Order register 4) Quotation register 5) Customer database 6) Invoicing 7) Transport orders 8) Production accounting We will provide details during the conversation/meeting.
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    Taxedo Sp. z o.o. 4 deals
    Implementation of MS Dynamics CRM
    Proposed by freelancer
    Zlsce implementation of MS Dynamics CRM - Sales and customer retention. The order concerns -Configuration -training in operation -Service and maintenance of the software. Regards Robert
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PL Recruitment LTD
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We'd like some help configuring outlook for our team in terms of access to specific folders for each individual employee

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Microsoft office, outlook, software