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    Hi, Looking for a person or persons who will do: -visualization,technical design /executive design (bill of materials) /construction design -interior design -Purchasing list based on the project 6 mobile homes from 35m2 to 60m2. One cottage I have the whole idea- the rest to design according to the guidelines. These are houses built on application so I don't need any license/authorization from the actor I would have to pay extra:) I am looking for technical and creative people. 6 cottages
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    EHG Trade
    We are looking for a specialist who, based on architectural designs, will make visualizations of a single-family house estate for us for advertising materials and a website. The scope of work includes: - elevation design - night visualizations - lighting design - list of materials - site design - garden lighting design - landscaping design - Site visualization - visualization of vegetation -visualization of interiors We are aware that the scope is quite wide, therefore we are willing to cooperate even if some of the sub-points do not fall within your competence. Then we will assign these tasks to another specialist.
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    Bespoke Homes specializes in the design and construction of premium energy-efficient and passive houses. We are looking for an interior designer, we care about permanent cooperation, photorealistic visualizations and attractive price for the basic package (details below) In the first place, the order is to build a portfolio for the houses on offer (exterior visualizations partially available at Details: Making a basic package for each house project: 3 visualizations (living room with high ceiling, bedroom and bathroom) in several styles (e.g. Scandinavian, boho, loft). Number of house designs: 5-15 (depending on the valuation and the quality of the visualization done). Timeframe for this stage - to be determined. Please request a quote for the basic package and send us a portfolio of completed interior visualizations.
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    Good day, I am looking for a specialist to help me design sanitary zones in accordance with the sanitary regulations when opening a cafe. The premises also have a children's zone (play structure - monkey grove) and two children's exercise rooms, however, these zones are designed by the play structure company and the equipment company for the activity rooms, respectively. The size of the social/cafeteria/communication zones is ~167m2 I have an outline of the division of zones however I need someone to do it professionally and in accordance with the recommendations/requirements of SES or regulations. I mean the size of the kitchen, social zones, width of corridors, communication and all other things that an ordinary bread eater has no idea about. I cordially invite you to cooperate with me, I will be happy to answer all questions and start cooperation. Greetings
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    Desiocraft 41 deals
    AutoCad 2d drafter
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a cad drafter for several hours a week on a remote basis, The main task will be to create cross sections and 2d technical documentation, sometimes simple 3d. Requirements: Knowledge of autocad or gstarcad software, Ability to create cross sections and technical documentation Accuracy and precision Ability to work independently and punctuality Experience in furniture construction, interior design and kitchen build-outs is welcome, including physical, non-computer experience. Job advantages: Apprenticeship in the specifics of the projects performed, In-house training in advanced program operation, Flexible work schedule, possibility to work remotely, If interested, please send your resume and portfolio
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    I need help with the exterior design of my house that we bought a few years ago. I have posted pictures of the front of the house. We want to keep the roof color unchanged, but we want to refresh the facade. We are considering imitation half-timbering. We like the design that combines elements of gray (I have attached an inspiration board for this project). The front of the house has very old columns (we want to improve this), along with the entrance area - we want it to be remodeled to look modern. The back of the house has different window heights, so we thought that maybe with the half-timbering we could visually blur these differences and hide this asymmetrical look. We want to improve the terrace at the back by replacing it with nicer pavers/concrete steps. We are looking for a proposal for a facade design that is feasible at a low cost. All files can be downloaded :
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    firma_budowlana 2 deals
    I will commission the preparation of the adaptation of a building project - currently in traditional construction (hollow block + columns) to reinforced concrete construction (reinforced concrete). I am looking for someone with experience in designing prefabricated walls - I would like it to be reinforced concrete, well counted, not oversized, rather than a reinforced concrete bunker.... Precast concrete wall companies use very little reinforcement even for multi-family buildings. I have a couple of projects to redo, we are starting with a single-family, 2 unit building with a total area of about 200 m2, 2 stories and an attic/loft.
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    I am looking for a person who will make a visualization of frame houses from 20m2 to 100m2. For valuation, please assume a building of 75m2 I mean visualization from the outside, inside, and 3D projection. In the offer, please provide separate amounts for each visualization. Please find attached sample photos. Scope: A) Exterior visualizations - 5 shots. B) Interior visualizations - 5 shots C) 3D projection - 1 shot In addition, I would ask for a quote for the visualizations on the already, that is, up to 3 days, and the amount for creating a variant of the already made visualizations. The variant would be adding a window, widening/extending the building changing the roof angle, etc.
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    Jamalex Sp. z o.o.
    foundation footing
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will order the design of the foundation footing for the load from storage racks.
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    Pasaż projektów 2 deals
    Drawing in AUTOCAD
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    Remote work. Reworking simple finished drawings of garages and outbuildings in autocad(dwg) -architecture/construction/electrical installations.
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Job description

I will commission the development of a concept for an apartment of 58 m2, where a couple without children will live and piano lessons are conducted by one person.

The other person works in an office outside the home from 9 am to 5 pm, but lessons are conducted from 8 am to 8 pm.

I am anxious to:

-to create a place to conduct piano lessons and rehearse a musical duo (there is a full-time business of this type)

- that there is access to the kitchen during lessons and to the bedroom (sometimes lessons start early in the morning and end late in the evening)

- some students come with their parents, who need a waiting room, so to speak, so that the students do not stress but concentrate during the lesson (it is good that they do not interfere with the living area, and have a separate place to sit and, for example, put a glass of water/laptop)

- additionally due to the fact that the person working outside the home sometimes does assignments at home will need a desk to work.

To begin with I need a concept, perhaps also a detailed design.

Acceptance date of the apartment September 2024, I attach the projection with dimensions

Type and number of projects:

2 apartment layout concepts

The surface area in sqm.: