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    CUP of coffee 9 deals
    ANDROID I will commission the development of an app in the background that will send an SMS with a specific content after each completed phone call. The way it works 1 I install the app 2. I open the app, enter the text of the message to be sent after the completed call to the number with which the call took place, click Save and the text remains saved in the app, to be changed if necessary. The length of the text is 500 zzs 3. Then in the app I click Start and the service is turned on 4. Someone calls me (incoming call to phone numbers, not whatapp) I answer the call (the call starts), after the call ends no matter from which side an sms is sent with the content previously entered in the app to the number with which the conversation took place. I call someone (outgoing call) I dial the number and the person on the other end answers the phone (the call starts), after the call ends an sms is sent with the content previously entered in the app to the number with which the call was held. After the sms is sent, the app informs the sending of the sms with a sound signal
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    We are developing a mobile app that will solve a task-related problem in our company. The app will be used by a group of team leaders who will hold their teams accountable for shuffles. We need an add-on to take advantage of such an enhancement.
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    We are looking for a person who is able to use available AI tools to develop applications e.g. on engines and other ready-made solutions. The idea is to connect via API several existing applications and ChatGPT. MVP must be created in 2 months. Pls send portfilio.
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    Application / Soft to lock the phone
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the development of an application / software on Android that will "lock" the phone when such a command is sent from external software (CRM). By locking the phone I mean: - blocking making / receiving calls (except emergency calls) - blocking entry into menus / applications (in general: use of the phone) Such an application would work 24/7 or possibly check every few hours if the lock status is zero. If it is not, the phone is blocked. If the phone is not connected to the Internet - that is, if the phone does not send any signal within, for example, 24 hours, the application will automatically lock the phone (in case someone wants to bypass the security by disconnecting the phone). On the external software side, we can freely send feedback, e.g. in response to the application's query we will return 0 or 1 (if blocked).
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    Marcin - Inventively 123 deals
    Mobile Game Development
    100000.00 PLN
    Poszukujemy agencji zajmującej się rozwojem aplikacji mobilnych ze specjalizacją w Unity do nadchodzącego projektu gry mobilnej. Idealny partner powinien mieć udokumentowane doświadczenie w tworzeniu gier w Unity, zarówno 2D, jak i 3D, wykazując kreatywność i kompetencje techniczne. Projekt będzie obejmował platformy iOS i Android, kładąc nacisk na angażującą rozgrywkę i wciągające doświadczenia. Wymagania: Silne portfolio w zakresie rozwoju gier Unity Doświadczenie w wdrażaniu wieloplatformowym Zaangażowanie w jakość i wsparcie po uruchomieniu Możliwość: Dołącz do nas, tworząc innowacyjną grę mobilną i bądź częścią potencjalnej długoterminowej współpracy. Zainteresowane agencje prosimy o przesłanie portfolio i krótkiej propozycji przedstawiającej Wasze podejście do projektu.
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    Development of an IoT mobile application
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning, Due to the expansion of our business, we are looking for a collaborative partner to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS. Our specialty is smart furniture with advanced features. Our goal is to develop the mobile software, as well as to create an MQTT broker and server to manage the communication with the devices. The device software will be developed by us and will be based on ESP32 modules or their equivalents. The application should offer the ability to add new devices by scanning a QR code. For each device, it will be necessary to create a special template ("template") in the application to control a particular piece of furniture. These templates may differ significantly from each other and will be created individually for each product. As part of further cooperation, the task will be to create new templates for more devices, and maintain the current application.
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    Origami Recuperators 2 deals
    I will commission the development of a desktop and phone application managing the operation of in-wall recuperators. Backend +base in xano with flutterflow, bubble or other no-code. Hardware board 90% advanced, under development. Order specifications available after signing of NDA.
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    Black Dot
    equipment rental application
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have some photographic equipment that I rent. I need an Android app that would allow me to book it. The simplest, it can be "clunky", but it is important that it works. Functions: 1) user registration 2) the ability to check the availability of an item on a specific date 3) the ability to reserve equipment (then some kind of email from an automation that confirms the reservation). No pictures of equipment, product descriptions, etc. Asking for a quote for now in this form, then we can possibly talk about more functionality - additional paid.
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    The order concerns the construction of mobile applications (presentation of documents and information - CRUD) with prepared layout (figma). The order requires knowledge of Ionic, angular, typescript, SQL, REST Api pattern, JWT technologies.
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    Nextivo 1 deal
    License plate recognition library
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to write a module to recognize license plates based on the camera view. It is supposed to work similarly to QR codes - with the camera on, the system recognizes the plate (if it is visible) and transmits it to the application.
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Application for local news portal to display information and insert promotions

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intuitiveness of the application

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best for android and iOS