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From: Poland

Location: Ozorków, PL

On Useme since 14 May 2016

About me

I wrote my final exams this may and I am applying to humanistic studies in Warsaw and Cracov. I offer you unconventional ideas, conscientiousness and clearness in my work. I am amenable to challenges and suggestions. My youth indicates that I am not mannered. During high school I had been writing various kinds of texts for my school's website and brochures (prose, interviews, catchphrases, adverts, theatre programmes). I have a lot of time to dispose for my work.

I adore reading prose of all types, especially the foreign one. From liking for reading comes my fondness for writing. I am interested in people, in what they think and why do they think that. I am fascinated with travel because it really broadens the mind. I detest wasting time so learning foreign languages became a way to spend spare time for me- enjoyable and useful at once. I have learned English (B2-C1) and French (B2) so far and I do not end my education yet. I am going to learn the Arabic.


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Projekty z antykiem w tle

The project has been held in high school I attended since 2002. It's goal has been to peddle among youth the achievements of Grecian and Roman antique culture. Each year, about a hundred students has a hand in many different crews: a theatrical...