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I'm interested in job of remote translator. I've got Master's Degree in English philology and translations. To practice English I've had a lot of conversations with Native Speakers, visited Canada as volunteer for few months. Foreign languages I am fluent in - English (C1-C2), Polish - proficiency level, Ukrainian - Native, Russian - Native Speaker level.

For quite a long time I work as freelance translator with few large translation agencies in Poland. I make mostly written translations from PL to UA, RU, EN and beetween all these languages.

I also partically work in recruitment - helping people to find the job.

For more than 9 years I work as copywriter, writing articles in English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian.


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Strona internetowa Wordpress, anglojęzyczna

I created this website from the very beginning, starting with domain name and hosting, ending with writing and posting appropriate articles, including pics.